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Review: My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

My Plain Jane was the first audiobook I listened to on Scribd (not sponsored obvi) and I can’t believe I waited to so long! I found me way to a physical arc way before, but I hadn’t managed to read it before. Wow, I missed out!


You may think you know the story. After a miserable childhood, penniless orphan Jane Eyre embarks on a new life as a governess at Thornfield Hall. There, she meets one dark, brooding Mr. Rochester. Despite their significant age gap (!) and his uneven temper (!!), they fall in love—and, Reader, she marries him. (!!!)

Or does she?

Prepare for an adventure of Gothic proportions, in which all is not as it seems, a certain gentleman is hiding more than skeletons in his closets, and one orphan Jane Eyre, aspiring author Charlotte Brontë, and supernatural investigator Alexander Blackwood are about to be drawn together on the most epic ghost hunt this side of Wuthering Heights


(Disclaimer: I received this free book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

I can’t believe I waited so long to read this! My Plain Jane is 100% clever and absolutely surpassed the original, Jane Eyre, for me. I didn’t love the original, so I wasn’t sure if I would like this re-telling, but I was so wrong! I loved all the intentional jabs and the re-imagination of the classic. I think if you like the original OR have never read it, this can appeal to both of these readers!

Some other things I loved:

  • the direct address to the reader. It felt like breaking the fourth wall and it felt really just extra witty.
  • the supernatural aspect lends a new twist to the already gothic Jane Eyre and it just works so well!
  • this book is entirely charming. Everything from the writing to the characters. All. Charm
  • The audiobook reader is so convincing!
  • It combines Jane Eyre, Jane, and Charlotte Bronte!
  • I found myself loving these characters more and more. The mystery draws you in, but the true strength was the characters.
  • There are fantastic pop culture and literature references that are 100% on point and 1,000% amazing
  • Charlotte is the real hero of this story for me. Sure Jane is like super cool, but man Charlotte, you know how to get me where my emotions are.
  • the writing is so clever. I’ll say it again if you didn’t hear me before. This has clever writing!

Make sure to check out the book on Amazon, Goodreads, The Book Depository, and Indiebound.


What other classics would you like to re-imagine?

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