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FLYTIP: My Ideal Book Blogger Day

Today’s post from FLYTIP was an open topic choice. While I was in bed, planning for the next day, I was trying to think of topics. This one popped right up. All the time I think about what my ideal day would be like. What would I do? What would I read? So I thought this was the perfect time for some wishful thinking.

Ideal Day

My ideal day would consist of waking up, on the right side of the bed of course, and making some tea. Then I would have some breakfast (fruits and pancakes) with Instagram. Every day I try to be on it 20 minutes per day. Afterwards I would answer emails, reply to comments and begin my reading chunk. I would split up my reading into before lunch and after lunch reaching for about 100 pages each session. For lunch I would have a light lunch with my partner and an episode of our favorite tv show. Then I would begin my second session. If I had just finished a book, I would fill this section with reviews, or writing discussion posts, like this one. Then I would make dinner and read some more before bed (with absolutely no goal in mind). This is what an ideal day would be like.


Waking up, sometimes on the wrong side of bed, and getting only tea – no breakfast. Then I read for way too long, skip lunch and am incredibly grouchy. Finally I scrounge together some sort of food, totally unhealthy and with much more tears than necessary. I read for a huge chunk more till I, again, forget about dinner. Luckily my partner has heard my stomach for the last hour, and started dinner. I wash my hands, straighten my pajamas, and get into dinner preparation mode. We make dinner, eat while watching a movie, and then I read until my eyes shut of their own accord. If my partner isn’t there to remind me about food, it’s a vastly different day, without food.

Let’s Discuss: What is your ideal reading day?

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6 thoughts on “FLYTIP: My Ideal Book Blogger Day

  1. It is a rainy day in the Northwest, where I live. Raining again, I might add. It has been raining since 2016, it seems. So today I will hunker down and do a combination of reading, blogging, laundry, and cleaning up my blog. I just perused by Goodreads account and removed 15 books from my “Want to Read” category…I placed them on the list when some blogger or another suggested the title and I thought they sounded good at the time and now I don’t want to commit to reading them any longer. Now my list is down to a mere 50 titles. Ha!

    Thanks for being my comment buddy for the month of March. i hope we can stay “friends.” My best to you. Bye!

    1. Removing Goodreads books is a goal of mine I have yet to even start, so congratulations! It can be a tedious and overwhelming task, it is for me. 50 is phenomenal, mine is over 200 at least! I do hope we remain blogging friends and look forward to your next classics spin read, I wanted to get on that last time, but alas nope. Thanks for being my friend!

  2. My ideal reading day is to read in chunks too. I like to read for an hour or so and then go do something so I have time to think about what I just read. This is necessary especially when I am reading Non Fiction.

  3. This post made me smile. =) So, you’re a tea drinker. I prefer coffee, but enjoy tea often enough. Basically, I’d live off these two drinks if I could. We end out days very similar. I usually read until I fall asleep on the couch, at which point the book falls on me (painfully if its a hardcover). I’d wake up and mosey my way into bed, and snuggle with the hubz. Thank you for joining me on this bi-weekly feature! You’re the best.

    1. Thanks for making it! I love every one of these and all the fun stuff you provide! I’ve already got posts planned out for the others 🙂 I love the smell of coffee, just not the taste 🙁 How do you take yours?

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