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Bookish New Years Resolutions

Hi there everyone. I know I’ve been sort of awful at doing these personal chit chat posts the last few months. It’s been hectic and wild, but I want to commit to doing at least one per month. Different than the monthly wrap up, but more of personal goals and what not.

So I thought what better way to do January than to talk about some new years resolutions I have for the blog and my year blog goals kind of.

  1. Take it more seriously. I don’t take what I do seriously enough. I never tell people, I feel it’s like a hobby, but I spend every waking moment of my free time on it. I just do what I need to for my internship and blog. I read every spare moment I have and write reviews. That’s pretty serious. And I don’t own up to it. I don’t claim it. And I think that’s doing myself a disservice. This is the year of being more serious about taking myself more seriously. I do important work and I want t own it.
  2. Take it less seriously. At the same time, I stress out about it A LOT. I have tons of lists, I am awful at self-care and balance. I let blogging sometimes go before eating, because I’m too wrapped up. I am an intense goal driven personality. So while I want to own the work I do more, I also want to be more MINDFUL about the work I do. That’s why I’ve been doing the habit trackers this month. It’s a little extra boost to just remind myself what I’m doing and why.
  3. Increase followers. I’ve sort of plateaued on my Social Media platforms. I haven’t been engaging as much as I want and it takes so much time. It’s also not why I started. I started because I love books. So I always saw this as extra. But I want to get back into devoting 20 mins a day to Instagram community interactions. At the same time I need to be smarter about how I use Twitter and this is the year of exploration in that aspect. I wanna try new things. Do wackier things.
  4. I want to make something up this year for my blog. I toyed with a few different ideas last year but nothing manifested. But I want something truly original to call my own this year, not just my reviews. Something else. Whether it be a feature or even a rating system I created.
  5. I want to devote more time to making relationships here (and care less about numbers). If I’ve reached a plateau, that’s okay. Maybe that’s all I’ll ever get to. But the only way I know how to keep at it, is consistency and perseverance. I do what I love because I love to read. And this year I’ve gotten so many new different opportunities to read exactly what I want. I’ve read my MOST anticipated books: Children of Blood and Bone, The Astonishing Color of After, and SO MANY MORE. This is why I began and this is what keeps me going. My ARC TBR Shelf is why I continue because it’s the ones I want to read.

SO what about you?


Any tips? Anything you think I should be doing?

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4 thoughts on “Bookish New Years Resolutions

  1. This is a great list of affirmations. I especially like your goal to take it more seriously, but not stress about it. I spend a lot of time on my blog too and I usually mention it like an afterthought. Like I’m flippant about it when I mention it, although it is really important to me. You have me really thinking about this. Thank you for posting. Good luck with all your goals.

  2. I relate sooooo much to the first two goals. But I personally don’t want to talk more about the work i do, especially irl, because my blog is where I’m able to truly show a side of me most people don’t know and i know that if i have it on my mind that there’s a possibility people irl would be reading my content it would block my creativity and i would be self conscious which is the last thing i want. Plus i feel like they wouldn’t get it and would look down on it.
    For the second one, i need to stress less about blogging as well, i’ve had two burnouts in the second half of 2017 and that is no good. So i wanna take it easier on myself.
    About plateauing, i think that making relationships on here is what will you get you out of it, whatever I’m stagnating and start interracting more, my stats go up.

    1. Yeah, I definitely get what you’re saying, I’m not ready really for them to know exactly where they can find me!

      Interacting is such a crucial step, that’s basically as important as producing content. Especially because if you produce a bunch of content and no one reads it, then it’s sad!

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