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The Disasters by M.K. England Summer Challenge Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of The Disasters summer reading challenge. This is for anyone reading it for the first time or rereading it. I read and reviewed the book before it came out. I just couldn’t resist this diverse high adventure space story.

Feel free to check out M.K. England’s guest post while you are here.


The Disasters by M.K. England Publisher: HarperCollins Release Date: December 18th 2019 Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi

The Breakfast Club meets Guardians of the Galaxy in this YA sci-fi adventure by debut author M. K. England.

Hotshot pilot Nax Hall has a history of making poor life choices. So it’s not exactly a surprise when he’s kicked out of the elite Ellis Station Academy in less than twenty-four hours. But Nax’s one-way trip back to Earth is cut short when a terrorist group attacks the Academy.

Nax and three other washouts escape—barely—but they’re also the sole witnesses to the biggest crime in the history of space colonization. And the perfect scapegoats.

On the run, Nax and his fellow failures plan to pull off a dangerous heist to spread the truth. Because they may not be “Academy material,” and they may not even get along, but they’re the only ones left to step up and fight.

Full of high-stakes action, subversive humor, and underdogs becoming heroes, this YA sci-fi adventure is perfect for fans of Illuminae, Heart of Iron, or the cult classic TV show Firefly and is also a page-turning thrill ride that anyone—not just space nerds—can enjoy.

Interested in a copy?

For signed copies, order from Over the Moon Bookstore and put “Signed Copy” in the order comments!

Otherwise you can pick one up from: Indiebound, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Indigo, Australian Edition.

Week 1 Discussion Question 1

Chapters 1–5

  1. We’re off to a fast, explodey start! What are your impressions so far?
  2. If the circumstances weren’t so dire and life-or-death, what do you think these characters would make of each other? Would they get along?
  3. Do you have a favorite character so far?
  4. Any predictions for how this will all go down? Grand betrayals, thrilling heroics, total disasters?
  5. What do you think will happen with Case, now that she’s in custody with the flight recorder?

Feel free to answer just one, or all five! Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter drawing for a chance to win signed hardcovers and ARCs of MK’s books after you finish your comment.

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The DISASTERS read-along

Do a first read or re-read of THE DISASTERS and discuss it with four amazing bloggers, with prizes for participation:

JUNE 7: Chapters 1–5 with Utopia State of Mind
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JUNE 21: Chapters 11–15 with Fangirls Are We
JUNE 28: Chapters 16–22 with Confessions of a YA Reader

Run to your local library or to any bookstore to grab a copy and join us! Every comment is an entry into the prize drawing.

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Please feel free to join the photo challenge, or nerdy easter egg hunt! For Details, check out the official challenge page.

About the Author

Portrait of M.K. England
M.K. England

M.K. England is an author and YA librarian who grew up on the Space Coast of Florida and now calls the mountains of Virginia home. When they’re not writing or librarianing, MK can be found drowning in fandom, rolling dice at the gaming table, digging in the garden, or feeding their video game addiction. They love Star Wars with a desperate, heedless passion. It’s best if you never speak of Sherlock Holmes in their presence. You’ll regret it.

THE DISASTERS is their debut novel. Follow them at www.mkengland.com.



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12 thoughts on “The Disasters by M.K. England Summer Challenge Week 1

  1. fgjhghhjk I love this book so much! It’s sooo hard to choose a favourite character, but it’s probably either Nax or Zee… or Asra… ugh I love them all too much

  2. 1. What are your impressions so far?- I feel like this book is already off to a great start because I feel like I could read this book for hours. I really feel like Nax has a really deep backstory and I really want to learn about him.
    2.If the circumstances weren’t so dire and life-or-death, what do you think these characters would make of each other? Would they get along?- I think the characters would be able to get along although they are also so different from each other so I don’t know how they would meet each other in the first place.
    3.Do you have a favorite character so far?- I think Zee is my favorite character so far. I love how she is dark and mysterious but also action-packed and cool. I think she has a really awesome personality.
    4.Any predictions for how this will all go down? betrayals, thrilling heroics, total disasters?- I think eventually they’ll be able to catch the bad guys and there will be a happy end. I also think they’ll be pretty good friends and learn about each other at the end.
    5.What do you think will happen with Case, now that she’s in custody with the flight recorder?- To be honest, when she practically turned herself in with the flight recorder I felt really angry at her because she betrayed all their trust. I really feel like she’s going to talk about and give away all of them.

    1. 1. YES I KNOW right? The book just kind of picks you up and doesn’t let go!
      2. I know, I always wonder with these life or death kind of situations how they would otherwise meet.
      3. Yes, ZEE!!!
      4. Friendship and found family FTW!
      5. oohh you just wait and see!

  3. I read the first couple of chapters a few months ago, and as soon as I finished I went and ordered the book because I could tell how much I was going to love it. I think that going straight to the action suit this kind of actiony-scifi, and really sets the tone for the rest of the book. Zee was definitely my favourite at this point, with Asra as a close second.

  4. This book is so much fun! Wow to the pacing and immediately immersing me into this awesome world where I can sense betrayal. Nax is my favorite so far as I love his awkwardness and vulnerability. Space is hard, wear a helmet, tells me that this book is going to have even more nail-biting times ahead for these characters. I’m not sure if they weren’t thrust together by this event that they would have become friends.

  5. “What do you think will happen with Case, now that she’s in custody with the flight recorder?” I think she will be surrounded by cruel, wicked people, and will have a daring escape!

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