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When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk Cover Reveal!

If you read my review of The Beauty that Remains, then you will know I adore Ashley Woodfolk’s writing. I am beyond pleased that I get to help reveal the cover for Ashley’s next book, When You Were Everything!


You can’t rewrite the past, but you can always choose to start again.

It’s been twenty-seven days since Cleo and Layla’s friendship imploded.

Nearly a month since Cleo realized they’ll never be besties again.

Now, Cleo wants to erase every memory, good or bad, that tethers her to her ex–best friend. But pretending Layla doesn’t exist isn’t as easy as Cleo hoped, especially after she’s assigned to be Layla’s tutor. Despite budding new friendships with other classmates—and a raging crush on a gorgeous boy named Dom—Cleo’s turbulent past with Layla comes back to haunt them both.

Alternating between timelines of Then and Now, When You Were Everything blends past and present into an emotional story about the beauty of self-forgiveness, the promise of new beginnings, and the courage it takes to remain open to love.

Cover Reveal

Are you ready to see this amazing cover? But first, it comes out March 10th, 2020 and the people behind this gorgeous cover are Bex Glendining (illustrator); Angela Carlino (designer). Also add it to Goodreads today!

I have been into all these books that feature friendships (and friendship break ups) recently. I think it’s so under developed in YA because there’s an emphasis, sometimes, on romance. But a friendship break up can be even more traumatic. When we share so much of ourselves and our deepest secrets with another person, then when they leave, if they ghost us, if we get into a fight, we aren’t sure how to get back to where we were.

In honor of the cover reveal, we are all sharing photos of our closest friends (or our ex-friends) and a little more about our friendship. If you want to join make sure you use the hashtags, #WhenYouWereEverything & #NationalBestFriendsDay.

when we were babies

I have been so blessed in my life with a whole horde of amazing best friends (and women) in my life. From friends I met in elementary school who I am STILL friends with, to new friends when I moved to Munich. There have been so many that picking one was hard. But I’m showing around my college best friend in NYC right now, as we speak, and I’m brought back to all the times we spent together.

Ours was a love born from recognizing a mutual soul. One of those friendships where you have more of an idea of who you want to be, but are not nearly finished. It’s a friendship that has to grow, one that bridged distances, and feels like no time has gone by. It’s a friendship that shares a wry sense of humor, geeky references, and a love for figuring out how things work.


How excited are you for this new cover/book and tell me some stories of your best (ex) friends!

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