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Review: The Mortal Word by Genevieve Cogman

I’ve been reading, and loving, the entire Invisible Library series and The Mortal World is yet another fantastic sequel. The Mortal World takes the series, and world, to new heights and places.


When a dragon is murdered at a peace conference, time-travelling Librarian spy Irene must solve the case to keep the balance between order, chaos . . . and the Library.

When Irene returns to London after a relatively straightforward book theft in Vienna, Bradamant informs her that there is a top secret dragon-Fae peace conference in progress that the Library is mediating, but that the second-in-command dragon has been stabbed to death. Tasked with solving the case, Vale and Irene immediately go to 1890s Paris.

Once they arrive, it seems that the murder victim had uncovered evidence suggesting that he may have found proof of treachery by one or more Librarians. But to ensure the peace of the conference, some Librarians are already hostages in the dragon and Fae courts.

To save the captives, including her parents, Irene must get to the bottom of this murder—but was it dragon, Fae, or even a Librarian who committed the crime?


(Disclaimer: I received this free book from First to Read. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Every time I finish one of these Invisible Library books, I find new reasons to love the series. And I’m always convinced I’ve found my new favorite. I think it’s a testament to how much Cogman makes us love these characters. Each of these books builds upon this rich and expansive series. The characters we know and love. Their vices, fears, and pasts. Not to mention, The Mortal World is full of the bluffing, treachery, and subterfuge that I’ve come to associate with the entire series.

I am so pleased to find out that this series will be continuing. My heart gave a little jump when I went on to Goodreads and saw that there were no book listings for 6. It’s the worst feeling when one of your favorite series is not sure to be continued. But after careful research (cough, stalking) I found out that it will be continued.

Invisible Libraries

The Mortal World just merely confirms how much a fan I am of the entire series. I adore the premise of a secret society of librarians who collect books to keep the parallel worlds in balance. I mean, just re-read that sentence for a second. Alongside that, the premise that there are some powerful books within the worlds, hidden manuscripts, and rare editions. This is a bibliophile’s dream. Where can I sign up?

The Mortal World

I devoured books one through four shortly before The Lost Plot released. So reading The Mortal World felt like reconciling with a lost friend. With distance my heart became fonder. It was great to be back with my favorites, the infamous Vale, the intelligent and savvy Irene, and the charming dragon Kai. Except in The Mortal World there are bigger risks and rewards than ever. I feel like every time Cogman finds a way to challenge us even further.

(On a sidenote, I was thinking what would happen if I were in this series. I would either be dead within the first 50 pages, or something menial. Like a clerk. Who stays in the Library the entire time and tells you where to find your books).

The Mortal World brings forth old enemies, allies, and secrets to the surface. In this world everyone is hiding things, and it’s even more true in The Mortal World. At the end of each chapter, we wonder what everyone’s motivation is. Manipulations and sabotage run rampant in this book as Irene, Kai, and Vale race to find the murderer and the fate of the Peace Conference.

Find The Mortal World on Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound & The Book Depository.


What book would you go back in time to see? Or steal? No judgement from me.

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Mortal Word by Genevieve Cogman

  1. I’m not sure about any individual title but I’d definitely have loved a look around the Great Library at Alexandria and find out exactly what it held and what was destroyed during the fire. Did the destruction of so much knowledge hold back the progress of civilization? So many questions!

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