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Let’s continue the summer panel announcements! I have another edition of YA Summer Romances. For me, Summer is romance time and so I knew I had to ask even MORE authors to join me to chat about love. And these are some of my absolute favorites so come join us June 5th at 3pm EDT on Youtube!

I absolutely adore all of Adib’s books and Kiss & Tell was no exception! If you love Beauty Queen Pageants than The One True Me and You has to be on your list. Queer romance fans, I present to you Flip the Script. As a former gymnast, you know I was doing flips for It’s All in How You Fall – which will be reviewed on Friday. And finally, I adored how masterful Forest’s writing was in Zyla & Kai – review coming next Monday – so I knew I wanted to feature it too!


Do you have a favorite romance read for this summer?

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