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November Wrap Up

This is the month it really hits me that the year is almost over. Where did the whole of 2019 go? Am I the only one who can barely remember what happened?

Books I Read

I actually read Winterwood in October’s wrap up, but I didn’t want to black it out. I finally read some of my most anticipated releases for 2020. This month I’ve been transitioning into getting ready for January 2020 and all the releases since December is somewhat of a slow month for me. And you can see so many 2020 releases I’ve loved like Woven in Moonlight, Scavenge the Stars, Don’t Read the Comments and Foul is Fair!

I was also able to read some of what will be all time favorites like The How & The Why which featured adoption rep!!! And I managed to read one middle grade, one novella, and one adult fiction book. To start diversifying my reading I think I’ll try to do this more often in general.

And the end of the month just felt like such a reading win for me. Sure there were some duds this month, but I think I’ve started to just re-evaluate my reading habits and think about if they’re really working for me. I finally read Scythe and A Darker Shade of Magic, can you tell I’m so proud for reading backlist books?


When I say I cannot remember, I really can’t. Part of this is because of my horrible memory, but I think the other, more insidious thing, is that I’ve been too busy and focused on the blog. In some ways 2019 has been one of the most exciting reading year because I got to read so much, but it is feeling like too much. Ever since I cut down to only 50% of a book a day, which was a 50% reduction, I’ve been now thinking that some days this just feels too much.

The pace of my working has just been too hectic and for the majority of the year I don’t think I wanted to see it. Book blogging was an escape that allowed me a year of escape, but also stress. But it’s been making me think about the role of book blogging in my life and how I want it to, need it to, change in 2020.

Monthly Favorites

YA SF – Scythe may be the only one I read. I can also highly recommend A Beginning at the End which isn’t YA, but still.

YA F – Girl Serpent Thorn and Scavenge the Stars – which are both 2020 releases, but we’re almost there!

YA Contemporary – This is tough between Foul is Fair (which is also a retelling), Don’t Read the Comments, Loveboat, Taipei, and The How & The Why. Look at how many contemporary books I read! Out of 24 I read about 10 which is close-ish to half!


What did you read this year? Any books you want to read still?

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