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May Wrap Up

I know I’m late with this. June so far has been an intense month. I’m sure you’ll find out more when you read my June wrap up. Suffice it to say, I’m sorry it’s been so long, but here it is.

Books Read

This month was sort of less books than normal. Or it felt that way looking back. I don’t even want to know how June will be. I’ve really fallen down on reading for June. But the things I did read in May were really wonderful. Some stand out titles were Beast which is a fabulous retelling (with so much more) of Beauty and the Beast. The Kiss Quotient pulled me right out of a reading slump at the end of May. If you like romances and want to read this diverse and swoonworthy title, go check it out now. I also was asked if I could do a post for the Starless blog tour which was basically a teenager dream come true for me. I devoured Carey books when I was growing up and so being asked to participate was so great.

In May I participated in a book club! The pick was for I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter and I adored this book. Seriously would recommend to everyone. It’s a wonderful book about mothers, daughters, and family. Speaking of good books that you have to read, Monday’s Not Coming is the best. It’s a gripping, emotional thriller. At the same time it just captivates you and really makes you tear up. I was able to read both Labyrinth Lost and Bruja Born. If you have waited as long as I have to read these books, then get on the train like I did. They are fabulous contemporary fantasies that are perfect for the summer. Speaking of emotional books, American Street packs a punch. I had no clue it would be so heart wrenching, but it packs a wallop. If you’re ready to cry, like I did, then pick it up.

And now, this is how May began. I just realized that this wrap up went sort of reverse chronologically. These three books is how May began for me, whereas I ended with The Bird and the Blade. I know I’ve been speaking a lot about summer reads, but The Brightsiders is a must read for summer. It has just the right amount of grit, fun, and tears.


What good books did you read this month?

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4 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

  1. holy SHIT,,,,, this is a Bad reading month for u ???? wow i’ll take that any time…………… i’ve been reading so little lately, god im so jealous 😮 and it looks like u read mostly great books too!! what kind of a dream,,

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