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May Release Radar

book review Ship it by britta lundinI’m here to bring you the May release radar, just in time for me to start preparing the June Release Radar. If you’re unfamiliar, this is when I talk about the different books the released in May. We can get caught up in new releases and forget about all the books that released this month. This month I’m going to just put the star ratings and the review link so you can find it out for yourself. The actual rating on Goodreads might differ, these are just from memory.

Week 1

Island Dwellers – 3

Ship It – 5

book review The Girl and the Grove by Eric SmithTiffany Sly Lives Here Now – 4

Week 2

Artificial Condition – 4

Girl and the Grove – 5

Puddin– 4

Undead Girl Gang – 5

Tbook review undead girl gang by lily andersonhe Way You Make Me Feel – 4

Week 3

All of This is True – 4

How I Resist – 3

Love and Other Carnivorous Plants – 3

My So Called Bollywood Life – 3

book review anger is a gift by mark oshiroOnyx & Ivory – 3

Out of the Blue – 3

When the Beat Drops – 3

Week 4

84K – 3

Anger is a Gift – 5

book review monday's not coming by tiffany d jacksonBrightsiders – 4

From Twinkle with Love – 4

Furyborn – 4

Monday’s Not Coming – 5

Ride On – 3


Did you miss any this month?

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