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Libro.Fm Independent Bookstore Day Sales

These deals only go for this week so definitely pick them up! I knew when I saw the special sales for Independent Bookstore Day I had to make a rush order blog post! RUN DON’T WALK!

(Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. For more information you can look at the Policy page. If you’re uncomfortable with that, know you can look up the book on any of the sites below to avoid the link)

Also if you haven’t signed up yet for a membership, you can do so this week and get a BONUS audiobook! Just go to this link and use BOOKSTOREDAY!

And for my normal monthly round up of even MORE books, check out this blog post.

Under $5

Empress of a Thousand Skies (Review) is a fabulous YA SF that does not get enough love!

Hot Dog Girl (Review) is a tender YA story about queer love and memories.

A Taste of Sage (Review) is a story with spice both in and out of the kitchen and perfect for romance fans of rivals.

You Bring the Distant Near (Review) is an intergenerational story about love and family.

These Violent Delights (Review) is a book I never stop raving about if you love stories about sacrifice and want a Romeo and Juliet retelling.

Raybearer (Review) not only features some fantastic queer rep, it’s a story about power and leadership.

The Darkening (Review) is a story about a magical storm and sacrifice plus I’ve seen it now all over Tiktok and rightly so!

Artificial Condition (Review) is a must read if you love the Muderbot novellas since this is the second one!

Witchmark (Review) is one of those novellas where the world has haunted me ever since and I adore the series as a whole!

Parable of the Sower (Review) is a great book to start your Octavia Butler journey especially if you want a series!

Over $5

Ashes of Gold (Review) if you, like me, are bad at keeping up with sequels, this is your chance for the sequel to Wings of Ebony!


American Royalty – I’m on a romance audiobook kick and this is in my cart!

That Summer I Turned Pretty which is definitely in my cart considering the TV series.

Fevered Star is a book I knew I had to read ever since I adored the audiobook of Black Sun.

A Caribbean Heiress in Paris is from Adriana Herrera which is an author on my TBR and this is a book one in a series!

Harrow the Ninth is a book I even own and has been on my shelf for….a while but not going to lie, I might still pick up the audiobook because it’s more likely I’ll read it. Also Nona the Ninth is also on sale if you wanna pick up both at once!

When No One is Watching is on my TBR for so long considering how much I’ve loved Alyssa Cole’s romance books.


Are you picking up any of these sales?

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