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This Month’s Sale Libro.fm Picks

Okay so I was reflecting the other day that you all might not know how much I love libro.fm or all the benefits. So I wanted to start a series where I highlight some sale books I love that you can get on Libro.fm!

Why Libro.fm?

I am an affiliate for Libro.fm but I hope you know I would never promote a company I don’t believe in and I was an avid user before I even became an affiliate!

First of all, Libro.fm purchases support an independent bookstore of your choice. I have chosen Books of Wonder because I love visiting them, but there are SO many to chose from! Once you subscribe, you pay a fee to receive one credit a month, but you get discounts on every other audiobook including the sale ones – so even more savings! It’s easy to pause your membership if you need to and all the books are yours on the app to listen to even if your membership is paused!

If you want to gift it to a friend, they have credit bundles or you can gift an audiobook of your choosing as well! I love giving audiobooks as gifts and always from Libro.fm! They have tons of great curated lists and bookseller recommendations and praise as well. Plus their user interface is my absolute favorite for audiobooks.

Sale Audiobooks

(Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. For more information you can look at the Policy page. If you’re uncomfortable with that, know you can look up the book on any of the sites below to avoid the link)

Every month there are new sales and some for only a day, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for! Additionally they have a whole list of YA and Romance books that you can sign up for a newsletter so that you can always be notified of those categories immediately!

Under $10

Adult Reads

All the Feels (7.99) which is the second in this romance series from Dade, but which is an utter delight and features actors!

The Conductors (4.99) which is all about magical curses and blessings in a historical fiction setting. I actually heard this on audiobook and fell in love!

Dating Dr.Dil (7.99) features enemies-to-lovers features a cardiologist who fixes hearts for a living and a woman determined to stop her meddlesome aunties.

Middle Grade

New From Here (9.99) is another one of my TBR because I love Kelly Yang’s book and this one just popped up on my Twitter feed as a new middle grade read!

Lili’s TBR

The Last Cuentista (9.99) is actually on my TBR and also in my cart rn because of how intrigued I am about this SF about going to a new planet with a storyteller MC.

Last of the Talons (3.99) is on my TBR too, but I am so excited for this girl who tries to steal and instead lands up in a dreamlike realm!

YA Picks

The Sound of Stars (6.99) is one of my favorite YA SFs from Alechia Dow about a book lover and an alien who loves pop music who might just have to work together.

A Million to One (4.99) which is a sapphic historical fiction heist novel set on the Titanic. I loved the characters in this one and the tension!

The Cost of Knowing (9.99) all about what you would do if you could tell the future and the price of what that knowledge would cost.

Ghost Wood Song (4.99) all about music and loss and having to reconcile our image of a parent with how their loss impacts us.

We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This (9.99) which has to be my second favorite Rachel Lynn Solomon book with wedding planners and caterers meets family friends and second chances.

One for All (9.99) is a fencing school with secret spies and features a chronically ill MC and gives off major Three Muskateers vibes!

Yolk (9.99) is a tender and aching story about sisterhood from one of my favorite YA writers Mary HK Choi. It’s a stunning story about love and complicated feels.

American Panda (9.99) I love Gloria Chao’s books so much and American Panda started it all! Plus it’s narrated by Emily Woo Zeller who is one of my fave narrators!

The Belles (3.99) is a glittering deadly story about ambition and power. I love the way Clayton is able to merge these decadent ballroom scenes with sabotage and danger.

We Deserve Monuments (3.99) is one of my favorite reads from last year – an utter triumph of a debut – which manages to be a story about family, loss, and friendship all at once.

Above $10

You Truly Assumed (12.99) is a YA book that I loved especially as it discusses religion, being a teen, and the islamaphobia within our world.

Ones I Love Under $10

We Could Be Heroes (8.04) which is one of my favorite Mike Chen books and is narrated by Emily Woo Zeller so double win! It’s about superheroes and what if we don’t want to be the person we should be.

The Cartographers (8.04) which is like a high octane mystery set with cartographers, secrets, and family you realize you don’t know as well as you should.

Heart of the Sun Warrior (8.04) which is not only one of the most impressive sequels I’ve read, but also narrated by Natalie Naudus an auto-buy narrator for me.


What is your favorite audio book?

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