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June Wrap Up

I can’t even believe June has ended and it’s been half a year already. Is anyone else with me? In June I read 34 books, which is like, how did that even happen? I think the answer is, once again, buddy reads. It usually means I’m reading multiple books with a few people and that normally means I am reading more than I do. If you wanna see what some of my favorite reads were, then keep reading!

Books Read

As you can see, June started off wonderfully! I was able to read some fabulous anticipated reads like Unravel the Dusk, Goddess in the Machine and Cinderella is Dead! I wanted to test something a bit different today by sharing how many POC books and queer books I read. There’s so much data I could break down the months by – favorite books, ratings, diversity, genres. I’d love to know what things you are all are interested in!

In June I read 22 books by POC authors (also sorry if I forgot any, I’m just counting these off the top of my head!) and 9 queer books! If you didn’t know, I’m still keeping track of my YARC and SARC reads – so at the end of the year I’ll have a grand total for that one.

In terms of diversity, I read 27 diverse books out of 34 which is 79% What percentage of diverse books did you read in June? I’m pretty pleased with that number! I haven’t thought of a target number, but I’d love above 75% for every month.

Do you think you read 75% diverse reads? I’ve read 177 books this year which would mean that I would have to read 133 diverse books (approx) to ensure that it stays at 75% minimum. Challenge accepted!

Favorite Books?

Sequels – The Faithless Hawk (what a superb sequel!)

YA Fantasy – Cinderella is Dead

YA Contemporary – The Voting Booth

YA SF – Goddess in the Machine

Queer – Felix Ever After


What was your favorite read of June?

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