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June 2021 Wrap Up

I love how it’s almost the end of July and I’m just now putting together my June Wrap Up. Does that tell you about how June was? I’m still recovering from my June, the reading, the stress, and the summer heat. Talk about a lot all at once! If you’re interested in seeing the 60+ books I read in June and my favorites then keep reading!

Books Read

About under half of my reads in June were graphic novels. I know this doesn’t need saying, but GRAPHIC NOVELS ARE READING. AUDIOBOOKS ARE READING. End of story. For those who want to decide what counts as reading, think about what they gives to the reading community and to you. I’m not interested in debates about what counts as reading. So /end rant.

While I had access to a fabulous public library, I took advantage of reading all the graphic novels which were on my TBR and I found some utter gems like: Dancing at the Pity Party, When Stars are Scattered, Flamer, Paper Girls, and Displacement. I don’t have full reviews of the graphic novels on my blog, but if you wanna check them out, then add me on Goodreads and my reviews should show up for you.

Sequels, Adult Reads & Anticipated Releases

In June I read also a whole host of amazing sequels. It’s hard to always talk about sequels we love in wrap ups because a) spoilers and b) if you haven’t read the original it’s hard to tell you all about why you should read the sequel. But some series enders I read that I ADORED: Our Violent Ends, The Queen Will Betray You, Journey to the Heart of the Abyss,& Isn’t it Bromantic?

I also had a few adult reads that I ended up enjoying. For a more complicated review, check out mine for Malibu Rising – which talks a lot about books that hit you at the right moment. Because sometimes it strikes when its hot, and then by the time you have some space you gain some perspective. Do you have books like that sometimes? Another adult read I loved this month was So We Meet Again which I knew I’d love, but it was so utterly charming!

And I also was able to read some HIGHLY anticipated reads that I loved. That’s always the joy when you read a book you want to love and then you do like: A Lesson in Vengeance, This Poison Heart, Six Crimson Cranes, and How We Fall Apart.

And if you want to see me actually do some mini reviews, then make sure you check out my Youtube Channel where I’ll be posting my Wrap Up next week!


Did you have a book you thought you would love and then did?

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