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July Wrap Up

This month has been one intense reading month. I have read 24 novels, 5 novellas, 1 audio book, 1 poetry collection, and 2 audio books, which is way more than I expected, but I realized towards the middle of July I had to read all the books for August, and September. So to get myself in the mood, I have many read-a-thons planned for August.

If you’re interested in the books I’ve read, I’ve taken this screenshots from Goodreads (we can be friends there if you like). I crossed out the books I read in June, but I started reading Odd and True in June and ended up finishing it in July. I finished my first audiobook for the blog as well, Woodcutter. And I was really trying to get through my Netgalley books at the end of last month, so that’s why there’s a few more advance read books at the beginning of July.

Then I sort of remembered I was going on vacation in September and had to have all my reviews done for September done BEFORE then. Which made me go on this intense reading spree that won’t be done until the end of August. I was also able to read Wild Beauty and Forest of a Thousand Lanterns because my friend lent me her ARC. I was able to read some comics this month – Ms.Marvel which I loved and Lumberjanes. AND finally I got to Seafarer’s Kiss which I absolutely adored.

SO just ignore the repeats, I realized when I was going to take these that I didn’t have the two books I finished yesterday and will finish after I write this post – River of Teeth. I finally got to read The Library of Fates and go on that magical ride and I was send Warcross which made me unbelievably happy!


Current Giveaway

There’s only a few more days to enter to win a copy of Sovereign by April Daniels. You can enter here and read my review here. ENDS TOMORROW

Kite Runner by Khaled HosseiniFavorite Book

I have to go with The Kite Runner. Not only does it feel fantastic to get this off my TBR, but it was such a profound and emotional book. If you’ve read it, you probably know.

Notable Posts and Book Reviews

Dragons of Nova Review & Alchemists of Loom Review

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo review (And they used one of my quotes for a Twitter promotion!)

Chameleon Moon Review

Read Rating (in which I calculate how many books I have read in my library)

Midyear Freakout Tag

Role of Literature in My Life

How I Play with Images

Favorite Photos of the Month

Because this is fun and the shelf life of photos on Instagram is so short!

What’s Coming Up in August?

As I mentioned, I am participating in #ARCAugust, a Make Me Read-a-Thon (vote if you haven’t already!), #TheReadingQuest, and another WWRead-a-Thon. All of this is designed to get my butt into gear for all this reading. I have to read a book a day until I leave, and a review a day. Challenged? I am feeling the heat.


How was your July? Any exciting August plans?

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10 thoughts on “July Wrap Up

  1. OMG you read so many books! That’s so awesome! I want to say I own The Kite Runner but I haven’t read it yet. It’s just sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I am planning on doing my read rating. I think it’s the perfect excuse to get my husband to finally put together my shelves.

    I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS! Having one of your quotes from your review used is absolutely awesome and amazing! I’m really excited to read your thoughts on Warcross the hype is real for that one but I want thoughts from someone I know before I get it.

    I love Ms. Marvel! I haven’t read Vol 6 but I haven’t been reading many graphic novels this year which makes me kind of sad.

    I hope you have a wonderful August! (I still plan on stopping by your blog even though we’re not partners anymore *sobs*).

    1. Thanks! It was a hectic month. AND when you do your read rating, make sure to tag/let me know so I don’t miss it. I’m going on vacation in a week or two. I cannot wait to see it!

      It was such a lovely surprise, makes me happy that my reviews on Netgalley count for something!

      I need to pick all the graphic novels up when I go home and they’re at the library. We will MOST DEF still be frequenting 🙂

  2. The Kite Runner. Yes to everything you said about it and more. I have yet to read Hosseini’s other books but Kite Runner was a very emotion-provoking book.

  3. Great reading!! I see a lot of books from my TBR. I am moving in August so I am also trying to get a bit ahead of my reading/blogging, at least with ARCs, but I’m mostly just going to go on hiatus, haha. I also love your photos; they’re reminding me that I should take some shots outside while the weather’s still nice 😛

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