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July Wrap Up

Is this the first month where at the end I actually feel better than at the beginning? Yes it is. I was filming my July Wrap Up and couldn’t even fathom how different I felt. Maybe I’m moving in the right direction!?

Books Read

In July I read a ton of sequels that I ended up loving so much like Wings of Shadow, Suns Will Rise, and Song of the Abyss! It’s such a great feeling when the finale or a sequel lives up to your expectations. In these cases they’re the series finale, but there’s nothing you like about “second book syndromes”. Books that feel like a lull or a middle story without much development and just waiting for a finale.

This month I read 49 books and 21 of them were graphic novels. As you can see from these images, I read a ton of series like Giant Days and Paper Girls. I am finally done with all my graphic novel holds so prepare for August to get back to normal. And of the 49 books, 59% of those were queer which is mostly because almost all the graphic novels I read were queer!

Talk about a great reading month! As for BIPOC reads, 33% of my reads were with main characters of color. The ratios were a bit skewed this month, my goals are 50% BIPOC and 33% Queer, but I’m not mad about the difference! I also did find one adult book, A Lot Like Adios, and one middle grade book, Eva Evergreen and the Cursed Witch, that I loved!

And for YA reads, I had some truly amazing surprises! I ended up reading Fresh in under 10 hours and ended up resonating so much with A Dragonbird in the Fern and How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe was so precious! And a YA I knew I’d love was The Devil Makes Three!


How was your July?

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