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Review: Suns Will Rise by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell

How do you even begin to review a series ender of a SF space opera? I feel like words don’t even describe the sheer scope of the world and the development. All the epic revelations. This Les Mis retelling has been such a joy to read! Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


A traitor.

A prisoner.

A fugitive.

Wanted by the Regime. Destined to save the planet.

Laterre is at a crossroads. The Patriarche and his wife are dead, killed by the Red Scar—a militant group who calls for more bloodshed. And the corrupt General is in control of the planet, with the Third Estate believing his corrupt lies. But not all are easily fooled.

Marcellus is trying to keep the Vangarde on mission. But the rebels who want to overthrow the General and keep the peace are without their key asset and the person Marcellus will do anything to find: Alouette.

Locked in the General’s prison, Alouette is planning an escape. It’s the only way for her to unite the Vangarde—and Laterre—as the rightful heir to the planet’s throne. But even if she were to escape, the General is almost impossible to defeat.

Chatine is wasting away in the Vangarde vault, so when an opportunity to take down the General—the man who ruined her life—comes her way, she believes she has no choice but to take action, even if Marcellus begs her not to.

But when Laterre is threatened by the emergence of the other planets in their system, these three renegades must risk everything to save their home.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Being dropped back in the world of Laterre is an experience. Being immersed in the action, the mystery, the intrigue, and the betrayal which will leave you reeling. Featuring multiple POVs, Brody and Rendell weave a story which asks us what we will do to save our world. To fight for a better one or to burn the old one to dust. This entire System Divine trilogy is perfect for those who love rebellions, sacrifices, and power plays. It unfolds across galaxies and hearts.

SF Space Operas are my sweet spot and so to witness it combined with Les Mis is a true joy. We are presented with the challenge about how we should rebel. What is the “just” cause? Where is the line between sacrifice and revenge? Suns Will Rise examines the conflict for a way forward. About whether we must choose between action and peace. It is thoughtful as Brody and Rendell explore power and privilege. At the same time, I thoroughly enjoyed the way Suns Will Rise explores humanity and our ‘programming’.

How we can program the machines and technologies around us, but how, at the end of the day, they’re still written by humans. All the lies and contradictions of humanity which are just as perilous to them. The world can be caught between logic and machines, between revolutions and inconsistencies, but do we truly have to be one or the other? Suns Will Rise asks this question refracted across the book. Wondering if a solution requires the elimination of another.


Suns Will Rise is an epic undertaking. The world of Laterre consistently pushes us. Asks us when we will break our haze and denial to act. In a world of power – to twist the world and words to their own wishes – how will we use our voice? What will it take for people to wake up? To be part of a solution instead of standing on the sidelines.

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