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Review: The Queer Principles of Kit Webb by Cat Sebastian

Because I’ve been in a historical fiction romance hole recently, I knew I had to pick up The Queer Principles of Kit Webb. It’s been a while since I read a romance novel not as an ARC so sinking into this one – with no schedule – was fabulous. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Kit Webb has left his stand-and-deliver days behind him. But dreary days at his coffee shop have begun to make him pine for the heady rush of thievery. When a handsome yet arrogant aristocrat storms into his shop, Kit quickly realizes he may be unable to deny whatever this highborn man desires.

In order to save himself and a beloved friend, Percy, Lord Holland must go against every gentlemanly behavior he holds dear to gain what he needs most: a book that once belonged to his mother, a book his father never lets out of his sight and could be Percy’s savior. More comfortable in silk-filled ballrooms than coffee shops frequented by criminals, his attempts to hire the roughly hewn highwayman, formerly known as Gladhand Jack, proves equal parts frustrating and electrifying.

Kit refuses to participate in the robbery but agrees to teach Percy how to do the deed. Percy knows he has little choice but to submit and as the lessons in thievery begin, he discovers thievery isn’t the only crime he’s desperate to commit with Kit.

But when their careful plan goes dangerously wrong and shocking revelations threaten to tear them apart, can these stolen hearts withstand the impediments in their path?


One of my earliest observations about The Queer Principles of Kit Webb was how fun and unique the narrative voice was. How it captures personable, quirky, and quick witted. While this book certainly delivers action, as well as heist planning, what kept me reading were the characters of Kit and Percy. As they confront their pasts and doubts, as well as get to know each other, I enjoyed watch the characters unfold. The gruff sides of us we show to the world, the chemistry simmering, and the attraction that never is entirely hidden.

Historical fiction romances are a current sweet spot for me, but I was entirely absorbed by the characters. The banter and the scenes that had me swooning. How our parents get under our skin and we can’t bear to see them win. There was so much detail in the main characters, in their loves and nuances. But I think I was missing some more depth in the side characters. Especially since they were entirely precious and I loved how they called them out. And there were quite a very revelations which seemed hasty towards the end, but by then I only cared about Percy and Kit.

So while I was initially drawn to the historical fiction romance angle, I ended up staying mostly for the characters. It just meant that when the focus shifted towards the plot, my reading slowed down a bit. That being said, I enjoyed this one and am intrigued for the next one!

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Do you have a favorite queer historical fiction novel?

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