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January Releases

I wanted to start this new feature on my blog where every month I do a round up up all the books that released the previous month. Often times I get caught up in reviews, posting them two weeks ahead. I forget about the books that released. Sometimes I see reviews I like, but don’t want to pre-order and then still read. And then they’re gone!

So to help us all out, I’m doing round ups of the reviews of books that released in January. Plus I’m boiling down the whole review to a sentence. All you have to do is read the sentence, decide if you want to read the whole thing, and then add it to you TBR. Easy enough right?

(They’re organized chronologically. I will organize them by week and the cover next to the week will be my favorite release that week! I’ll also tell you have many of them were hits – i.e. books I’d recommend).

January Releases

January had so many books that were hits!

Week 1 – January 2 (4/5 hits)

book review chainbreaker by tara simChainbreaker: manipulation of time mixed with fantastic characters and themes

Escape from Aleppo: heartfelt story for children about refugees and resilience

Everless: time is money and we play in blood money

As You Wish: great promise that falls short and drags on

Week 2 – January 9 (3/3)

book reviews Robots vs FairiesThe Lost Plot: latest sequel in a thrilling series featuring librarians and dragons

Robots vs. Fairies: stories that show you the dark side of both robots and fairies, but it asks the ultimate quesiton – which side are you on?

Seven Sided Spy: non-stop action that leaves you questioning your loyalties

Week 3 – January 16 (2/2)

book review Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuireBinti: The Night Masquerade: highly anticipated sequel that combines aliens and reminds me of Octavia Butler

Beneath the Sugar Sky: combining sugar, plots of confection, and mermaids

Week 4 – January 23 (4/5)

book review Let's Talk About Love by Claire KannReign of the Fallen: Fierce heroine struggling with grief and the undead

Markswoman: rich world building with a female assassin order

Only Harmless Great Thing: poignant perspectives from elephants

Before I Let Go: tremendously slow without much thrill but plenty of eerieness

Let’s Talk About Love: ace representation I’ve never seen before

Week 5 – January 30 (2/2)

book review The Hazel Wood by Melissa AlbertDangerous Art of Blending In: surprisingly deep read about discrimination and finding your voice

The Hazel Wood: eerie mystery of family and fairy tales


Total hits? 15/17 – This was an awesome month!


Any January release I missed that I should read?

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2 thoughts on “January Releases

  1. I have a copy of The Hazel Wood on my TBR pile here. The cover is stunning and it sounds so unique.

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