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August Wrap Up

“August slipped into a moment in time” – Taylor Swift “August” is exactly how I felt. As I was compiling my wrap up, I was like, “wait was that still August?” My entire month felt like a fever dream and even now reflecting on it, I’m like what did I even do?

Books Read – 35

In terms of quality, my reading month felt all over the month and I can’t even pick out a trend. I read all over the spectrum of genres and ages. That being said, there were some stand out sequels like Cazadora, Redemptor & Devil in the Device which were either great sequels or series enders! But if you seriously tried to quiz me about what I read in August I’d fail, no doubt. I can’t even believe that I read The Breath Between Waves in August. But the spreadsheet doesn’t lie.

In terms of stats, I ended up reading 29% queer MCs and 60% characters of color. I’m pretty happy with that since it’s not too far off my goals. I feel like I’m also missing some queer books, but I couldn’t be bothered to go back and check again. September is already rough y’all. If you wanna see mini reviews of all the books I loved, check out my August Wrap Up on Youtube.

But in terms of books I really enjoyed, I loved: The Jasmine Project, A Clash of Steel, Bad Witch Burning, Iron Widow, It All Comes Back to You & The Bones of Ruin. Some super surprising reads this month plus ones I knew I would love. So all in all, not bad, but considering I read most of these at the end of the month, the beginning of August has been thrown into a black hole.

I am excited to take a break in September after having read 319 books this year so far. Geesh.


What was your favorite read of August?

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