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WWRead-a-thon Updates + Game

Today I wanted to share a little update of how I’ve been doing, PLUS today is my day to share my game!


Moving has been even messier and more stressful than I expected, so I haven’t been able to read the path I set out to in my TBR. I had wanted to do the row that began with Last Book in a Series, but I haven’t managed to plan my time accordingly to finish it. But I was so close! Plus I had to change around the books I was going to read for it anyway, so many many changes.

So instead I’ve been reading the row above. My TBR for that is Artemis by Andy Weir, The Black Tides of Heaven by Jy Yang, The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer, Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn, and Hello Moto by Nnedi Okorafor. I’ll post a progress board below so you can see which ones I have ended up reading!

My Game (Re)Imagination

But the real purpose of today’s post is to introduce you to my game, which is called (Re)Imagination. For this game you can pick one aspect of a book to re-imagine. To give you some help, some areas you could choose are: characters, setting, main love interest, maybe even the plot twist? So some ideas I had were:

  • The Hunger Games except with Knights of the Round Table (except Joanna and I are meant to be).
  • The Dark Wife set in space, on another planet of the Underworld  – actually any book that doesn’t take place in space – in space!
  • The Twilight Series where Bella actually becomes a vampire slayer and has been a secret sleeper agent. Obviously it gets sort of absurd as the books go on though.

I am so intrigued by what your ideas might be! I just chose three that summed up the aspects I was thinking people could re-imagine. It’s how there are all of these re-tellings having to do with zombies, Pride and Prejudice and Abraham Lincoln to name a few. There is so much care and consideration that goes into a re-telling or re-imagining of a classic, that I thought I’d take my hand at it today.

So let’s get to it! What would you (re)imagine?

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