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Top Ten Tuesday: Graphic Novels

This blog is hosted by the lovely Broke and Bookish and has a theme each Tuesday for which we make lists of recommendations. This week’s theme is graphic novels and, while I do not have ten, I do have a couple I want to share.


I really loved this totally quirky comic. I read it when I was at home and could get it out from the library. The story is adorable and the characters are really great. The drawing style is really nice. It was like the comics I watched when I was younger.


Now I have not read this, BUT it is absolutely gorgeous. I got it for Christmas and the drawings inside are phenomenal. They seem like something from a beautiful dream. This is definitely in the category I would like to read more of, because I could look at the cover all day.


I also have not read this, but I have heard so many good things from it. It sounds like the plot is great and the characters are diverse. It is on my “to buy” list and will be buying it ASAP.


I enjoyed the drawing style of this graphic novel. Additionally, the story was entertaining and reminded me a ton of Star Wars. Also the twist at the end was so good and it made the whole story a ton better!



Honorary Mention

I want to mention the Kindred graphic novel adaptation. Personally, the drawing style was not my cup of tea, but it was an excellent adaptation of a utterly fabulous novel. I wish more people knew about Kindred. I would say look at the style of drawing and if it suits you, go for it! If not, read the original novel, you will not regret it!


What are your favorite graphic novels? I clearly need some more recommendations

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20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Graphic Novels

  1. I really need to look up books that have been adapted into graphic novels. It’s something that I really haven’t looked into, but I just saw one for Pride and Prejudice and it being one of my favorite books, I need to get my hands on it. Will be looking into the two graphic novels I’m not familiar with. Thanks for the recs!

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