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Review: Unstoppable Moses by Tyler James Smith

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Unstoppable Moses. I picked it up on a whim. But I was wonderfully surprised by the depth of feeling that Moses has. His emotional journey, as well as the stories of those around him, enriched the story.


After accidentally burning down a bowling alley with his cousin and best friend, Charlie, Moses has one week as a camp counselor to prove to the authorities—and to himself—that he isn’t a worthless jerk who belongs in jail, when Charlie doesn’t get that chance.


I adored the premise of Unstoppable Moses. The idea that you’re a miracle boy, and untouchable….until you’re not. You walk through life where doors just open for you, where circumstances happen, and fall into place. And then one day, the cloud disappears and your feet touch the ground. That isn’t where my enjoyment of the book stopped though. Unstoppable Moses is a book about grief, blame, responsibility, and regret.

There are unique footnotes throughout the book that not only explain facts you might want to know, but also more about the thought. I’ve never seen this in a book, but it was instantly endearing. Almost as if Moses is looking back on his experiences and adding additional touches.

This is only furthered by chapters which are in the past and the present. We are able to see the conflicts, the resolutions, and the consequences next to each other.

I’ve never been to camp, so reading about Moses and his getting to know the fellow campers and buddies was fascinating to me. It’s almost like Moses and the other older teens are able to see themselves in the campers, their own mistakes, and their chances to learn from others.

People build up walls to protect themselves, and sometimes you need a little reminder that we all feel alone. Unstoppable Moses is about the conversations we have to have with all these ghosts within our head. It’s about the people who are gone, not about us or our problems or guilt.

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Did you ever go to summer camp?

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