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Review: There Will Come a Darkness by Katy Rose Pool

Faced with all the promo and the gorgeous ARC’s of There Will Come a Darkness I had high hopes! And Pool got me. Not only is this a novel with multiple POV’s (and therefore characters), but also a pair of sisters.


For generations, the Seven Prophets guided humanity. Using their visions of the future, they ended wars and united nations―until the day, one hundred years ago, when the Prophets disappeared.

All they left behind was one final, secret prophecy, foretelling an Age of Darkness and the birth of a new Prophet who could be the world’s salvation . . . or the cause of its destruction. As chaos takes hold, five souls are set on a collision course:

A prince exiled from his kingdom.
A ruthless killer known as the Pale Hand.
A once-faithful leader torn between his duty and his heart.
A reckless gambler with the power to find anything or anyone.
And a dying girl on the verge of giving up.

One of them―or all of them―could break the world. Will they be savior or destroyer?


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

There Will Come a Darkness is a story about fate, monsters, and prophets. Told from five different perspectives, Pool provides you with a plethora of characters to love. While you can easily become captivated by the story line what kept me reading were the themes and the sister relationship between Beru and Ephyra. There’s a poetic quality to the story in terms of character arcs and the masterful plot.

One of my favorite parts of multiple POV novels are seeing their first meetings play out, watching their POV’s interact. And these moments will stick with you whether it be because of their hilarity, the way it feels in your heart, or if you see a piece of yourself reflected on the pages. Each of these characters grapple with fate and destiny written in the stones and the stars. Questioning our fate because of the desire in our heart.

Themes and World Building

What makes their journey’s so relatable is how they not only their doubt, but their perseverance. I think we can all relate to when people around us think we are better than we are. How in some ways, we need their belief, their faith, to find the courage to become better. To accept the responsibility, duty, and consequences.

Not to mention that Pool has created a fabulous world. Conflict between those who are Graced and those who are Graceless. A world where this one determination factor can influence the fate of our lives. It’s fascinating to watch each of the characters, Graced or not, struggle with their status, their birthright. A struggle between the powerful and the powerless, those who fear what they can’t control, and those who let their power get away fom them.

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What is your favorite multiple POV novel?

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3 thoughts on “Review: There Will Come a Darkness by Katy Rose Pool

  1. with the respective story-lines and just wanted each character to succeed. It is funny because my feelings towards each of the characters at the beginning changed vastly at the end. I can state that Jude was my least favourite POV in Part I but by the end of the book he was one of my favourites and I just wanted to protect him at all costs. The plot lines are very intricate and it is so amazing to watch the story unfold. I was constantly coming up with different theories and trying to figure out the true meaning of the Final Prophecy. Katy Rose Pool surprised me so much in all of her plot twists. There were many moments where I would audibly gasp and yell “NO WAY” or “I KNEW IT”. This book is

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