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Review: The Shadow Crucible by T.M. Lakomy

What you’ll notice instantly about The Shadow Crucible is that as soon as you start reading, you are swept up in a whirlwind of intrigue, secret plots, and a deadly game of chess.


The Templar, Count Mikhail, has begun to see troubling signs all over the land. Following his vision, he encounters an enchanting and powerful seer named Estella. To fight back the scourge and save humanity will require both of their wills and powers. However, if it wasn’t challenging enough to battle demons that crave your souls and Lucifer, the two must learn to work with each other and discover their own potential. Will they be able to put aside their conflicting pasts and find a way to work together with the balances of humanity’s soul on their shoulders?


The Shadow Crucible’s strongest features are its atmospheric writing and a plot that is filled with detail and danger. The writing is detailed and worded beautifully, especially the ending. Reading immerses you in another world. This makes your experience as a reader complete, diving deeply into the world of magic, cardinal sins, and demons.

While on the topic of the magic within the book, the subject matter is incredibly well-thought out. Lakomy is an accomplished scholar, so what better way to incorporate these stories of angels and demons, the occult and the divine. If you are in any way interested in the occult, the divine and the damned, this is a must read! The story pulls you in and weaves you into a world that bewitches you. It is constantly unfolding on multiple levels as the battle for Estella’s soul becomes a metaphor for humanity’s own salvation. At times it is a story about humanity itself and the sacrifices we make for power and love. At other times it is a tale of discovery, and danger; which lies within ourselves and the peril when it is used for evil.

In terms of characters, we are really able to witness an evolution of their characters as they find out more about themselves and their situation. Estella is a unique protagonist as she is extremely powerful and eagerly searches for a way for her to exist without giving up her agency. Mikhail is interesting because he is steadfast in his belief. Both are given the space and time they need to recognize their own mistakes and find their way in the world.

In Conclusion…

I am left eagerly awaiting the sequel, as this book leaves many questions unanswered. Additionally, I want more of the relationship between Estella and Mikhail, especially considering the ending scenes. I won’t spoil you, but this book really piqued my interest more, if possible, as it drew to a close.

Check this out if you want to read a story that will draw you into a world where the lines between the divine and the damned are blurred, and where the battle for one soul will decide the fate of us all. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon, add it to Goodreads, or visit Lakomy’s Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Let’s Discuss: If you were in the world of The Shadow Crucible would you be a Templar or a Seer?

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