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I was not tagged to do this, but instead found it from the lovely, Adventures of a Bibliophile (she has a pretty amazing blog so go check it out! This is her post). Anyway, I have been wanting to do a few more tags and this one looked perfect. It’s not too long, and it’s still fun. So let’s begin

Oryx and Crake by Margaret AtwoodBook for Initials

This was pretty difficult for me to come up with, but luckily I had to do it for Instagram. So I had the books already handy in my mind.

U- Utopia by Thomas More

S- Sabriel by Garth Nix

O- Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

M- The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka

Count Age Along Bookshelf

King Arthur and the Knights of His Round Table. I forgot I even had this book, but it’s from when I was going through a real Arthurian England phase. It’s next to The Mists of Avalon.

Pick a Book Set in Your City/Country

I immediately thought of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Holla New York!

Pick a Book With a Destination You Would Love to Travel to

This is really difficult because a lot of the books I read, I definitely do not want to be. There is either political unrest or just general not fantastic things happening. So I thought  I would go for a tame one, Frogkisser by Garth Nix. There are still things going on, no doubt, but not where I personally am worried about my life.

Abhorsen by Garth NixPick a Book That is Your Favorite Color

Hands down, Abhorsen by Garth Nix. I am a sucker for burgundy/red.

Which Books Do You Have the Fondest Memories of?

I have to say the Garth Nix Series (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen) and the Daine Tamora Pierce series. Purely for nostalgic reasons, being back home has made me fall in love with all these older books again.

Which Book Did You Have the Most Difficulty Reading?

The Idiot by Elif Batumann. You may have read my review of it, but basically it was long and I could not connect to the main character.

Emma by Jane AustenWhich Book in Your TBR Will Give You The Biggest Accomplishment

Emma by Jane Austen. I chose this for a couple of reasons. 1) I am planning on reading it anyway so that I can experience this accomplishment sooner. 2) This really is on my TBR because I want to read more than just Pride and Prejudice!

I tag:

Laura from Green Tea and Paperbacks

Alba in Bookland

Foxes and Fairytales

Reader and Proud

Book Savvy Reviews

Let’s Discuss: What book in your TBR will give yo the biggest sense of accomplishment?

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5 thoughts on “My Life in Books TAG

  1. My current read is probably going to give me the biggest sense of accomplishment when I finally finish it. It’s The Luminaries and it’s 826 pages. I plan to get one of those little book stands so I can display it proudly and tell everyone who will listen that I am done. Haha.
    Great tag.

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