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Review: Lambs Can Always Become Lions by Charlotte Anne Hamilton

This Robin Hood retelling is amazing for so many reasons. It has diversity, a lesbian relationship, women shooting arrows, and the promise of a sequel.


Robin Hood is back and better than before. Her and her merry group have been acquiring the riches from the Sherriff and distributing them to much worthier causes. Along with Lady Marian, a valuable inside member, and Robin Hood’s love, they plan to rob one of the biggest wagons and take on more danger than ever before.


First off, thank you to the lovely Sil from The Book Voyagers for lending me this adorable novella. Check out her lovely blog for great reviews and recs!

The diversity in this retelling is fantastic: Muslim, non-binary, lesbian, and, possibly, asexual characters. Granted some of these were side characters, but it was great to see the different identities interwoven in the story. I would have loved to see more history behind the side characters, but I am hoping the sequel will satisfy these hopes!

The relationship between Robin Hood and Marian was beyond precious. It made my heart melt and the two of them on their own are also great characters. Robin Hood is brave and tender, whereas Marian is kind, and has a journey of her own to go through.

This novella is an entertaining and worthwhile read. I am already looking forward to the second, hoping it will be more of a departure from what we know about Robin Hood. Also, can you get over how fabulous the title is?

You absolutely should pick up a copy of Lambs Can Always Become Lions on Amazon (US) and add it to Goodreads.


Who would you be in a Robin Hood retelling?

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