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FLYTIP: How I Play with My Images

Today’s FLYTIP feature is all about how we create images for our blogs. I am no image whiz. Really. I tried to download my own image editing program and utterly failed. It triggered a mini meltdown.

So if you have ever thought, editing is not for me, don’t fear. I got you. The world most inexperienced image person has some cheats for you.


I use picmonkey to edit all my photos exclusively. In the most basic sense of editing. I usually auto edit it then play around. I usually use burst, because my photos are all colorful. Come take a look. And then I sometimes do different color overlays. That’s it. Then I use Hootsuite to post them to Instagram.

Thumbnail Pictures

Is it even called this? Featured image? The image you see for the post on my main page. That thing. I use Canva to make these. I have also used Adobe Spark, but I haven’t used that in a while now. Canva is super easy because it comes with pre-done layouts and texts that I use the heck out of. I did their tutorials, and that was also super easy.

Outside Help

Since I am the most inexperienced of all the noobs, I need the help of my partner a lot. He does things where he takes my name off stuff, reverses images for me, and manages my website. Not only would this whole site not be a thing without him, but all my coolest images. He is also my photo taking partner for all the things where I would normally need a tripod. I don’t have the patience for those.


And of course the FLYTIP feature has all the best graphics. I use all the Discussion, Review, Summary banners and have a plan to implement the Amazon and Goodreads buttons. I would use the stars if I could, but I actually don’t rate with stars.


See I used one just now. How do you edit or create your images? Anything I could try to use?

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8 thoughts on “FLYTIP: How I Play with My Images

  1. I use picmonkey and canva as well. I find those to be the easiest to use, I use to use another app but I found it easier to use. Do you use your phone to take photos? I recently bought a camera but I’m so use to using my phone that I still use that. I actually use my son as a photographer. He enjoys it but only if I take photos of him as well.

  2. I absolutely love your images on IG. You have an artistic eye and I enjoy the close-up, cropped photos the most. I have been wanting to try Hootsuite forever! I really need to organize my social media publishing. It’s getting quite out of control!! Love this post, Lili!!

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