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Review: Birth of Chaos by Elise Kova & Lynn Larsh

The Society of Wishes quartet just gets better and better. If I thought the series couldn’t get more intense, more gripping, more emotional – I was wrong. I thought after Circle of Ashes my heart couldn’t twist anymore. I was wrong.


A new wish is pushing the weary members of the Society to their breaking points. But as Jo’s complex relationship with their leader reveals dangerous truths about who she truly is, and was, her priorities quickly change. Now, she seeks to expose the enemy lurking in their midst, but it may already be too late to thwart an ancient goddess bent on stealing Jo’s power and destroying everything she loves.


book review birth of chaos by elise kova and lynn larsh(Disclaimer: I received this free book from the author. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

So I didn’t think this series could get more intense, but I was wrong. If you thought Circle of Ashes introduced some high stakes, get ready for Birth of Chaos. The quest to destroy the Society is more dire than ever before. The events of last book has wrung everyone dry and if they want to dismantle the Society, Jo will need more help than ever before. But how does the society even work? And where did it come from? In order to bring it down, Jo will have to find out how it came to be – and who she is.

I became even more immersed in this series and I can’t believe it’s almost over! I think where this book shines is that the world building is supreme. Even more so in this book, we are introduced to the legends, the lore, and the mystery. And I’m hooked. This demonstrated a whole new level of skill for this writing duo – and I cannot wait to see where it unfolds in the next one. There are the same characters we know and love and some of our side characters get a bit more screen time!

At the same time, where this whole series really shines is that every book gets better than before. It develops, grows, evolves, and deepens. We become even more immersed in the world, but also more attached to the characters. This is a series where the stakes rise and your anticipation alongside this series. Check out Birth of Chaos on Goodreads.


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