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Review: Age of Magic by Elisa Kova & Lynn Larsh

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am obsessed with Elise Kova. And so I devoured the Wish Quartet all the way from Society of Wishes, to Circle of Ashes, to Birth of Chaos.


A new age has dawned. Will Jo be its savior, or its downfall?
The Society is over and its members are now free in a new world. But freedom is not what it seems, and their true enemy is still at large.

Joining together one last time, the members lend their magic and knowledge to Jo to finally put an end to the madness of Chaos and finally free Snow. There’s no easy path to victory, and securing the future of the new Age of Magic may cost Jo everything.

Will her plan be enough to finally end a divine war that has spanned across thousands of years? Or is this new Age of Magic merely a precursor to the final Age of Oblivion?


(Disclaimer: I received this free book from the author. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Above all, I loved being back with the gang. I have grown so attached to the characters within the Wish Quartet over the last four books. There’s something about each of them that I have loved. Whether it be Jo’s passion, Samson’s quiet nature, or Snow’s smokiness. I don’t think you can read a series like this, without forming emotional bonds to the characters. Reading Age of Magic was like being reunited with your favorite group of friends at the end of summer.

There’s a nostalgia, but also a bittersweet-ness to it. In some moments, there’s the utter rightness, the way things just fall into place. Even if the first moments, you’re fumbling over your feet remembering the rhythm of togetherness. But then you fall back into the same jokes, the same truth-and-dare moments, and the same thrilling rush. All while knowing, that it is coming to an end. That this could be the very last moment like this.

If you’ve enjoyed the quartet so far, I don’t need to convince you to keep reading. After the ending of Birth of Chaos you need to find out more. There’s no way you can just stop. So diving back into Age of Magic finally answers these unanswered questions, especially with the release of the novella, Prince of Gods.

Finally the pieces started clicking back into place with a sequel, and concluding book, that changes everything we thought we knew. If you’ve been as obsessed as I am, then pick this up today. Right now. But if you haven’t read any of the quartet so far, be sure to expect swoon-y scenes of romance, epic quests of ethics, and a story that will make you question what you know.

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