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New Posts Wednesdays!

I have an exciting announcement! I do not know if the title was enough of a giveaway, but I’ve decided to start posting on Wednesday’s as well. This may not happen every Wednesday, but I just wanted to write saying that this is now a possibility! This is for a variety of reasons.

  1. I read too much and now have too many books to review only once a week. It’s a problem, but now there’s a solution!
  2. I want to be able to focus on more books than just a specific niche. I do have very particular tastes, but I read a large scope of things for fun and can feature these on Wednesdays. Also I can use this day to feature smaller and shorter reviews (for example of my for pleasure books from the last month) that provide glimpses of reviews.
  3. I can also use Wednesdays for blog posts! I have a few of those I wanted to address so I can use Wednesdays for that.
  4. I will still be posting Mondays, this just means there will be more content to choose from and keep you on your toes! I may post other days too if there are special announcements or what not, but this is just something I have been thinking about for a few days now.

To kick off this trend, I want to feature two books I read on my mini-vacation in September, The Oathbound (by Mercedes Lackey) and The Girl With All the Gifts (by M. R. Carey).


To begin with Oathbound. I loved this book. It is very episodic, so there are definite lulls to the story, but the story itself is fascinating. It revolves around the friendship and oath between two women: a sorcerer and swordswoman. They have a unique friendship that deals with their pasts, trust, and purpose in life. The story does not revolve around men or their need to be saved, instead they save each other and support each other through personal challenges, displaying a truly genuine friendship between women. I wish I had read this book when I was younger, I would have loved them, the world, and their friendship. It would have inspired me to be that kind of friend to someone else. I am so excited to read the next books when I am in the States again!


On to The Girl with all the Gifts. This book was so interesting! I can’t spoil too much for you, but if you liked the suspense in Never Let Me Go, then read this. It has a similar suspense aspect, except transported to an entirely different world. The premise was so unique and the ending was the best I think. It ended in a way I didn’t expect and the point of view of the protagonist is so captivating. She is smart, wise, and brave. I could not stop raving about this book just for the sake of its story when I was reading it. I am so glad I picked it up from the library (which is why my photo for it is a little shiny, the cover made it hard to get a clear not shiny picture).

So this was my first Wednesday post! I hope you enjoyed, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, please comment below!

Just another reminder about my social media links below. I’m back from vacation, so can post again now!


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