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Monthly Reflections: January

So this is the first of the personal reflections for 2018. I thought I’d offer up little bits about myself and things I’ve been thinking about this month.


This month was one of the hardest for me in a while. It’d be lame to say of 2018 right? Not only was I really sick, but everyone in my family was really sick. Healthwise for us, it was a bad month. This brought in additional stress and I wasn’t able to make the most of my time. I fell down on a lot of goals – like keeping track of my habits, my monthly memories, and even just my personal reading journal. Not only that, but career wise I felt like I was at a crossroads. Where I set myself an ultimatum which would have had lasting consequences on my future.

But in other news, I also got a six month job. So that was a lovely surprise – and also what the ultimatum was regarding. But with all large changes, it brought stress in a different way. And while it brought some closure, it also asked me new questions.

Book Related

  • What is the purpose of a book? Does it have to teach you something? What should a book show you? A new perspective?
  • Do I want to keep setting myself a reading schedule?

I got back into Bookstagram, not taking photos (I’ve been doing that all along), but posting them. So make sure to check them out if you aren’t already.


I’d love if you told me what you think the purpose of a book is.

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Reflections: January

  1. I don’t have a reading schedule, but I do have my blogging schedule and I strive to maintain that set schedule.
    I think the purpose of a book is to transport you to someone else’s life and time. Yes, to show you a new perspective perhaps, especially if it is a different culture than yours. I guess teaching you something goes along with that.

  2. I think that the purpose of a book (once it’s published & ‘out there’) is determined by the reader. In my case I like to be enlightened, to learn, to think and veer towards those books that accomplish that aim for me. Were I of a different disposition, I’d pick another genre, another title.

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