May’s Sale Audiobook Picks

I am so happy I am keeping up with this series to bring you my favorite picks from’s monthly sales. If you don’t know about they are an audiobook subscription that also allows you to buy audiobooks a la carte. Every month they have tons of new sales and I always curate a list of my favorites and share them with you. is a great way to support independent bookstores and it has the best listening interface I have ever used!

Sale Picks

(Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. For more information you can look at the Policy page. If you’re uncomfortable with that, know you can look up the book on any of the sites below to avoid the link)

Girls Like Us (Review) is a story about choice and friendship. It’s one of those historical fiction books that feels as relevant as ever.

Heartbreak Symphony (Review) is from one of my favorite authors Laeken Zea Kemp. This one is loosely connected in the same world as Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet and has a love of music and family.

Loathe at First Sight (Review) is a book about video games and love while also touching on a toxic work environment and sexism.

Circling Back to You (Review) is a fantastic workplace romance from a favorite romance author of mine Julie Tieu.


Man Made Monsters is something I had my eye on when I saw the cover released and then I totally just missed it. It’s a short story collection from a Cherokee writer and should be a tinge of the horror too!

Other Side of the Tracks is another I saw the reveal for and even maybe like release date countdowns and then just didn’t get around to picking up.

Heartbreaker is the second in the Hell’s Belles series from Sarah MacLean. I love the Bareknuckle Basterd’s Series and this one has the similar vibe of covers that I love!


What are you listening to this month?

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