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May Reflections

So May was wildly busy for me. It was mostly a preparation month for visitors in June. What made it even more hectic is that for a few weeks I had just about something everyday after work. This made the weekends incredibly busy and full of work. At the same time, I had something one day a week on the weekends. I tried to limit my commitments, and made sure I had one day free on the weekend. But it wasn’t enough.

Well it was enough to get all my work done, but my mental health suffered a lot. It meant that when BEA/BookCon came around at the end of May, I was wrung out. Totally burnt out. Some of you who looked at my social media, may have seen me talking a bit about this. Even those who saw me on Blogboundcon would have seen that I was covering up my burn out and creative slumps hard. I was just barely staying above water and it was hard for me to feel happy.

So part of why I haven’t posted this in a while was just that I took a half step away from blogging. I began to focus only on the books I had made a definitive commitment to review. This alleviated some of my stress, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to put actual effort into a mentality change. I had to figure out how to make it a lifestyle change. How to feel better about it, because the guilt has been crushing. But I’m not there yet completely.


How was your May?

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4 thoughts on “May Reflections

  1. It is so hard to juggle everything and your May sounds so stressful. I hope that the next few months will help you relief some of the stress that is on you. <3 Lots of hugs and take super good care of yourself. If that means taking a step back from the blog for instance, so be it.

  2. You may say you’re not there completely but you’ve made the first step and that’s the hardest part! Keep well x

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