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March YouTube Panels

Because March is going to be super busy in terms of panels, I thought I’d make a blog post detailing everything you can expect. If you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel then you will have seen them being scheduled – please subscribe if you aren’t – but if not, here’s a handy cheat sheet!

March Panels

Adult SFF Debut Panel – March 5

Super excited to kick start this adult SFF debut panels for the year! And what a start!

Cozy Romantasy Panel – March 11

If you’ve been obsessed with these cozy romantic fantasy releases, then this panel is for you!

Queer YA SFF Panel – March 12

This series of Queer YA books is one of my favorite this year and I cannot wait to chat about these faves in the first of the Queer YA SFF panels!

YA SFF Debut Panel – March 18

Excited to continue this YA SFF Debut panel series in the second of the series!

Adult Fiction Debut Panel – March 18

This is an exciting new series of adult fiction debuts with spring releases!

Queer Kidlit Debut Panel – March 19

These authors came to me with the idea for this panel and I loved it so I’m so excited to chat Queer Kidlit Debuts!

YA Contemporary Debut Panel – March 26

And this is the first of my YA Contemporary Debut panel series! I’m a little late on it, BUT I’m so excited.


What a stressful month, are you going to attend any of them?

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