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March Reflections

So I realize it is almost the end of April before I post my March reflections, but that’s just what this month has been. Will you all ever get tired of hearing me say that I was swamped this month?


So March was an intense month. To be honest I’m still settling into things at home, which is hard, but until I go on a series of vacations in May, I realized that my 5 books a week – which is still wild – wasn’t enough. May is a really intense publication month and by the time April started I just started reading books exclusively publishing in May. That and with those vacations coming up, I realized I had a lot of ground to cover before May rolled around.

Say hello to 7 days a week of work. Cause that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I figured out that I had bitten off way more than I could chew – and that I wanted to really lay off the amount of work in May/June. You know, it’d be nice to actually have a vacation and not have to do as much work as normally.

I can’t say no work, because that rarely happens and I don’t want to say things that are so outside the realm of possibilities. So that’s partly why March has flown by – I’ve been working practically every minute.

Personal Life?

That being said, it’s also been a very busy personal life month. I had some days where I was busy doing things all day, so work just piles out. My main goal each month is to not have any outstanding tasks that roll over to next month. So I was largely successful, even though the last days of March were full with so much work.

It’s also hard because I’m responsible for a lot of cooking and cleaning here, not to mention spending time with my partner. So I’m just pulled in a lot of different directions and because of my intense guilt, I feel bad taking a break.


So that was my March, how was yours?

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