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March and April Wrap Up

By popular demand, you all asked that I combine the wrap up I missed in March with Aprils! As you wish! So it’s going to be a little different, and a bit shorter, but I hope you’ll be able to see the months that EXHAUSTED MY BRAIN!

March Wrap Up

To be fair, I did post a March Wrap Up on Youtube if videos are more your thing! It’s 16 minutes and it starts with me almost crying??

This is the month I read more books than there were days….like how?? THIRTY EIGHT BOOKS!! To be fair, I got sucked into a bunch of buddy reads and audio books as I was doing A LOT of cleaning! Of the books I read, I read 39% BIPOC and Queer authors which wasn’t my target goal. But it’s because I also decided to try to read the entire Grishaverse series – why do I do this to myself?

I also wanna just say that I was pretty disappointed by the Grishaverse series and the hype. Like….I was expecting a lot more and the third one let me down hard. If you wanna see my entire reaction series, you can check it out on Youtube.

But to just list books I really loved! I had a lot of adult SF loves in March which makes my little SF heart so happy: A Desolation Called Peace, The Galaxy and the Ground Within, The First Sister. And for YAs I also had some stellar picks: The Cost of Knowing, Flamefall, and The Forest of Stolen Girls!

April Wrap Up

If videos are more your thing, check out my April Wrap Up!

While I read still a ton of books THIRTY FOUR BOOKS – I ended up trying to subtly change my relationship to reading and ARCs. And while it didn’t work 100% it worked enough to know that I’m not entirely wiped out at the end of April. In terms of stats, I was able to read 74% BIPOC and 41% queer which curshed my goals so much. I’m still so proud.

This month I had some really great reads that were almost all exclusively on my Asian YA Releases radar. I’ll link my Goodreads reviews here until they are published. Some of my favorites were You’ve Reached Sam (which comes out in November but is superb), From Little Tokyo, with Love, Luck of the Titanic, Counting Down with You, Lucky Girl & Hurricane Summer.

All in all though, I had a fabulous April. I read so many great Asian books and some fabulous audiobooks. It’s such a great feeling when you think you’ll love a book and you do!


What were your favorite recent reads?

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2 thoughts on “March and April Wrap Up

  1. I recently loved:
    – Ace of Spades: definitely one I’ll be re-reading.
    – Made in Korea: super cute and fluffy while also having interesting character arcs.
    – The Wolf of Oren-Yaro: not done yet but I LOVE it!!! it’s so cool to see a fantasy novel inspired by the Philippines.

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