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Libro.fm Shop Small Sale & All My Recommendations

Look I already made one libro.fm video this month so I thought, no I won’t, but then I saw YELLOWFACE and went down the rabbit hole of books you also need in your life and also bought three for myself….These are only good until the end of the weekend!

(Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. For more information you can look at the Policy page. If you’re uncomfortable with that, know you can look up the book on any of the sites below to avoid the link)

What’s Libro.fm?

Well Libro.fm is an audiobook subscription service and website. It’s an audiobook subscription model that doesn’t support Amazon and instead support independent bookstores. When you sign up, you can have your membership benefit your local independent bookstore and this has also been expanded outside of the US too! It’s 14.99 a month for one credit of an audiobook a month which is a steal if you consider the production and narrators that go into a book, but you can also benefit from the sales of Libro.fm without a membership. All you need is a free account and the app and voila! Plus their app interface is by far my favorite of all the audiobook apps I know! However if you are a member and find any of these sales tempting, you’ll also get a discount of 30% on top of the sale price!

Libro.fm: https://tidd.ly/40mxmwV

Libo.fm Shop Small Sale: https://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinm…

My Recommendations

Yellowface: https://tidd.ly/3R9ZCQb

Babel: https://tidd.ly/40RoXSh

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet: https://tidd.ly/3QSdFZh

Godkiller: https://tidd.ly/3MWXoRU

The Cartographers: https://tidd.ly/43dKaqu

The Poppy War: https://tidd.ly/3MU4zdF

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea: https://tidd.ly/46WLy1X

The Hurricane Wars: https://tidd.ly/3ulSasi

A River Enchanted: https://tidd.ly/3Rdf8ep

Elatsoe: https://tidd.ly/3ulRWBs

Lovelight Farms: https://tidd.ly/3SNtIud

Neon Gods: https://tidd.ly/40rvyTf

The Free People’s Village: https://tidd.ly/3MW1CJg

The Stardust Thief: https://tidd.ly/3QOu2pP

Raybearer: https://tidd.ly/3N9MOaV

Talia Hibbert Brown Sisters Book Set: https://tidd.ly/46qp3BA

Electric Idol: https://tidd.ly/47EUEjU

The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows: https://tidd.ly/3MTo2uV

Mixed Signals: https://tidd.ly/3MUotoG

Galatea: https://tidd.ly/46rCely

This is Why They Hate Us: https://tidd.ly/40RGoC7

Enchanted to Meet You: https://tidd.ly/3MUrmWI

Court of the Undying Seasons: https://tidd.ly/3MwT8s6

Shadow Speaker: https://tidd.ly/49KNj4f

Wicked Beauty: https://tidd.ly/47GFDOE

Radiant Sin: https://tidd.ly/3Rcmgrs

Honey & Spice: https://tidd.ly/3R7RVtQ

In the Weeds: https://tidd.ly/3sK3Dlc

Booked on a Feeling: https://tidd.ly/3RaPiYk

A Crown of Ivy and Glass: https://tidd.ly/40XoKgr

Love, Chai and Other Four Letter Words: https://tidd.ly/40tDvYi

A Broken Blade: https://tidd.ly/3MZFNZt

Cruel Seduction: https://tidd.ly/46vt5bM

Little White Lies: https://tidd.ly/40PVh82

Avatar The Last Airbender Rise of Kyoshi: https://tidd.ly/3MUraqi

Witchmark: https://tidd.ly/3V4gzMq

The Sacrifice: https://tidd.ly/3QPcVnS

The Bone Witch: https://tidd.ly/46o4INb

Threadneedle: https://tidd.ly/47Jq48P

The Throwback: https://tidd.ly/47pyKBo

Comfort Me with Apples: https://tidd.ly/47MksKY

An Unreliable Magic: https://tidd.ly/47j9exr


Which ones are you going to pick up?

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