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Knock by Melissa Atkinson Mercer Blog Tour

Knock is pretty and its poems roll of your tongue. In this easy to read collection you can pull meaning from each poem. These poems pack a punch – in terms of imagery and vivid language.


In this fiercely musical, highly anticipated debut release from Half Mystic Press, Melissa Atkinson Mercer interrogates the width, weight, and wholeness of depression, calling out to a self reflected back as monster, as myth, as song and water and tongue. Knock asks us to consider the complications of gender and voice: who gets to speak, who gets listened to, whose stories turn to fact and whose to fiction. Unflinching and tender, this book reminds us what it takes to navigate the mind’s dark seas and come out alive.


(Disclaimer: I received this free book from the tour company. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

This collection is rich with imagery and phrases that are borderline eerie. But they have this mysterious quality about it, like a wise sage, where the wisdom of the words have yet to fully leave the room. It’s almost as if the collection rings an ominous gong and leaves you to your reflections as it echoes.

There’s this desire to be heard, to be acknowledged. It’s almost like staring into the abyss, up to the stars, and waiting for them to remember us. Knock has this primordial imagery in it, a beauty in the circle of life, and in its destruction and savage curiosity.

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This cover has me feeling all sorts of goosebumps. Are you into art?

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5 thoughts on “Knock by Melissa Atkinson Mercer Blog Tour

  1. I love the description of the poetry inside of this book. Powerful imagery is a talent and I have to read this to help my own writing skills.

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