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Guest Post: FLYLēF: Authors You’d Invite to Your Birthday

I first met FLYLēF because of the book of your choice monthly giveaways and also the FLYTIP feature. FLYLēF has been such a great source of help and kindness since I began blogging. I am beyond excited for this post and I hope you’ll check out the blog & twitter


A group of awesome bloggers and I are celebrating Utopia State of Mind’s blog anniversary with a series of book-themed posts. My theme: Authors you’d invite to your birthday.

I’ve always had a fondness for cultures. I think people are infinitely interesting, and their history—a fountain of knowledge. I will focus on diverse authors to parallel  the Diversity Spotlight meme found on USoM’s blog. I’ve decided to invite only five authors, as I personally like small parties because it’s more intimate. I would invite…

Renee Ahdieh
Renee Ahdieh’s books are a sensual feast of world-building. In her series, The Wrath & the Dawn, she artfully crafts a culturally exotic and vivid backdrop of the Middle Eastern culture.
What I would ask: What’s your favorite dish in the Middle Eastern culture?

Toni Morrison
I discovered Toni Morrison as a pre-teen, with Beloved, a luminous novel into the horrors of slavery.
What I would ask: What bedtime stories do you share with you children/grand children?

Lin-Manuel Miranda
The national phenomenon that is Hamilton: The Revolution, is not simply a Broadway musical, but a reminder that the clash of brilliant outsiders is what makes us great.
What I would ask: May I have tickets, please?!

Affinity Konar
My recent fascination for Affinity Konar stems from, Mischling, a deeply researched book drawing attention to the untold stories of the forgotten twins of Auschwitz. She takes a serious topic and makes it quite unalarming and even charming somehow using the whimsical voices of twins Pearl and Stasha.
What I would ask: Are you a twin? If not, do you wish to be?

Amy Tan
Every knows of or has probably read The Joy Luck Club, but personally I like The Kitchen God’s Wife.
What I would ask: Who are the females you look up to?

Let’s Discuss: Who would you invite to your birthday party?

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