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Guest Post: Alba in Bookland: Parties I’d Like an Invite To

I am so happy Alba was able to pitch in at the very end! I participated in her blogging birthday celebration and how beautiful it is that she could contribute to mine too. She also offered to pitch into the giveaway favors, so tune into the end for the giveaway. The wonderful coincidences of life. I hope you check out her blog & twitter!
Alba Harry Potter Dinner
From Lili: Can you believe the gorgeous spread and the details? I want an invite!

Whenever I think of fictional parties, the first thing that comes to mind is Hogwarts. Come on, those guys liked to party! Just reading all those food descriptions, I was already salivating. If I had to chose a few, I would definitely pick the Christmas dinner at the great hall. In my version though I would like to invite the house elves to the celebrations too, as they work so hard to prepare all that! And then, I would like to get a Nimbus 2000 as a present. Another Hogwarts party that I would love to attend is the Yule Ball. While reading about it I could totally picture the beautiful dresses, ellegant decorations and endless tables of food (yes, I’m obsessed with food). And then in the movie, it looked like everyone was having a lot of fun (except for Ron and Harry).

Actually I always try to have a Harry Potter dinner once a year at home and every year I try new recipes inspired by this magical univers. This year, the Cornish Pasties and the Pumpkin Pie were a roaring success.
Alba Beauty and the Beast PosterFinally, I would like to mention a very Private ball I would like to attend to from another story: Beauty and the Beast! I went to see the movie this weekend and absolutely loved it. It was one of my favourite movies as a kid and that scene was always really special. So I’d love to get an invitation to just sit in a corner and spy on them.
Happy blogiversary Lili and enjoy the celebrations!

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10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Alba in Bookland: Parties I’d Like an Invite To

  1. Christmas at Hogwarts sounds perfect! And inviting the house elves wpuld truly make it a wonderful time if they are anything like Dobby. If I was invited to a ball at the Beauty and the Beast castle, I’d probably sneak out to explore the library.

  2. So fun to see Alba here! Back to her blogiversary, I got to read your post on her blog ♥ Lovely coincidences!
    Personally, I’d LOVE to be invited to a Christmas party at Hogwarts =D And yes, inviting the house elves would be not only really kind, but also REALLY FUN! Though I’d like to receive a Firebolt – I’ve had a crush on that broomstick ever since I saw it in the movie for the first time ^^
    As for the book I’d want to win… So many choices! Still, I think I’d pick either Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell) or the upcoming new edition of HP and the Philosopher’s Stone (the yellow paperback, because I’m a proud Hufflepuff ♥).

    Happy blogiversary, Lili!! Hope USOM celebrates many more anniversaries! 🙂

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