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FLYTIP: Open Topic – Blogging Challenges

So for today’s FLYTIP post I wanted to take the time to discuss some blogging challenges in my life right now. Mostly because I feel like if I discuss it, it’ll make it go away. Which is so not the case. Away we go then with the denial!


So my TBR is crushing me full of advance read copies, not even only ones that haven’t come up, but also ones I have been sent. It’s toppling over and about to drown me. People email me daily asking me to review their books, especially smaller authors, and I can’t even talk about dates until February. That’s where my life is at this point. Plus there are books I still want to read that have already come out! Hello Americanah!

SOLUTION: Stop requesting ARCs. Better luck next time.

Backlist Balance

I have so many titles to read that it’s hard for me to balance the titles that are already published, backlist, and the titles I am the most excited for! It’s difficult to choose, but also especially when I can only do the bare minimum, I feel the worst and super guilty about not reviewing books I haven’t been sent.

SOLUTION: Stop requesting arcs. Likelikhood of this happening? Almost 0.

Negative Reviews

It is so difficult to write negative reviews just simply because I don’t like it or enjoy it. I don’t like to dwell on the negative, it makes me look awful, and not many people like to read them too. It’s also sometimes very awkward to write someone and say hey you sent me this book, but I didn’t like it. But it’s my commitment to be 100% honest with you all and to review EVERY single book on this blog regardless. I have written reviews of books I was sent and hated before.


Indie Balance

I am very passionate about helping out self-published and indie authors. In fact all the emails I respond to from authors are those smaller ones and so I make a big effort to help them out. But it’s hard because there are so many of them and I cannot accept them all – plus I can’t even review them till early next year.

SOLUTION: Stop Requesting.


So I basically just need to stop requesting arcs and being excited for books. What is the biggest advice you need to hear, but haven’t done? Please dwell with me.

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10 thoughts on “FLYTIP: Open Topic – Blogging Challenges

  1. This is so, so relatable! Except for the part about being asked to review everyday. I have no idea what that’s like. =) I think I stopped requesting galleys a few months back, and yet my TBR still bows my selves. Sigh. Thank you for participating in this week’s FLYTIP post. (FYI: I may not continue this in 2018…I’ll keep you posted)

      1. I sure did! But, even posting once every 2 weeks require so much time especially when I provide graphic treats. And, you know I don’t give something I’m not proud to use myself. =) I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too!!

  2. Well Lonna I’ve mastered the art of saying no or not requesting because I put too much pressure on myself. Blogging must stay fun and reading too. I want to help and I do but only according to my calendar. I plan on my Google calendar and know that when I work now I can’t read more than 2 books a week ( before bloghing it was4). So I plan 1 ARC and one “mood” read. Basically max 4 ARCs per months. Double if I have holidays.

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