February Release

Welcome to the second edition of my release round up. This one is on time though. So do I get extra credit for this?

book review american panda by gloria chaoWeek 1 – February 6 (5/6)

Down and Across – soul searching and crossword puzzles

Queens Rising – magical storytelling even if the passions really never come back again

Paris Adrift – a magical night in Paris meets time traveling and danger

American Panda – heart warming story of hot chocolate, love, and self-acceptance

By a Charm and Curse – circus meets mystery meets curses

Tempests and Slaughter – from legendary Tamora Pierce giving us the Numair prequel series I wanted as a teen

book review The prince and the dressmaker by jen wangWeek 2 – February 13 (2/2)

Prince and the Dressmaker – soft and fluffy story about speaking your truth

Pride and Prometheus – mixing my favorite, the Creature, and the underrated Benett sister, Mary

book review Blood of a Thousand Stars by Rhoda BellezaWeek 3 – February 20 (3/3)

Belles – colorful world and characters to start an amazing series

Armored Saint – plucky heroine that comes from the most unexpected place

Blood of a Thousand Stars – a stunning ending of a fantastic-ly tech driven YA SF

book review Heart of Iron by Ashley PostonWeek 4 – February 27 (3/3)

Tess of the Road – unlikely heroine that pulls at your heart strings

Heart of Iron – excuse me, Anastasia in space?!

Tangled Lands – short stories linked together by an immersive world


FEBRUARY WAS SUCH A HIT MONTH! Almost every one of the releases were amazing. Am I surprised? No way.


Any releases I missed out on?

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8 thoughts on “February Release

  1. My copy of Heart of Iron arrived a couple of weeks ago and today American Panda arrived. February has so many great books! Thanks for sharing so I can add books I missed to my TBR.

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