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Review: Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri

It is so comforting to be back in the world of unicorns, dragons, and snail sharks. I cannot get over how much I adore the Penny White Series and Cult of Unicorns is no different. It’s entertaining and wonderfully delightful.


Five months ago my life was changed forever when I learned about Lloegyr, the sister nation to England on the magical parallel world of Daear. Thrilling rides on Raven, a darkly beautiful search dragon, break up the monotony of my life as the priest of a small village church. Nor are things dull at home, not with a sarcastic gryphon, a snail shark, and my younger brother all sharing my living space. And then there’s Peter, the almost too perfect police inspector who enjoys Doctor Who and single malt whisky as much as I do.

But Lloegyr is facing its own struggles. As various races such as dragons, gryphons, elves, vampires, and harpies flood to the rapidly growing cities, they all trust the unicorns to act as peace makers. But dead humans are turning up in the city of Northampton, with wounds which only a long spiral horn could have made…


book review Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri(Disclaimer: I received this free book from the author. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

One of the things I enjoy so much is Penny’s struggles with balancing her priest duties to the supernatural and to her human parish. It seems so realistic, the types of petty disputes and the questions of purpose. Overall, Penny is just such a fun character – even if I was a little frustrated with her feelings regarding her love interest (s). (I had a very clear favorite). But besides that, she is very personable and I cannot help but relate a bit with her.

However, the other side characters grow a lot during this book – particularly her snail shark (and Money the gryphon). I’ve enjoyed seeing how they grow and the next one promises even more! But I’m getting ahead of myself. You are easily drawn in by the characters and you feel like one of the group. That’s why it felt so comforting to be back with them.

Yet again, Cymri makes me laugh with her wit and humor. Her spark combined with Penny’s character are a dynamic combination. Not to mention there are plenty of nerdy and Doctor Who references for everyone! As a whole there is such promise for this series and the next book promises much more character development to boot. They have all wormed a special way into my heart.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri

  1. Aha! Like the ones that attack my Hostas every year! I swear they have super powers & can hear my plants growing lush, new shoots!

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