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Review: Sunbringer by Hannah Kaner

After Godkiller I knew I had to read Sunbringer, because wow that end! While there were a few parts which I struggled with, all in all this was a fabulous sequel. Keep reading this book review of Sunbringer for my full thoughts.


Gods are forbidden in the kingdom of Middren—but now they are stirring, whispering of war. Godkiller Kissen sacrificed herself to vanquish the fire god Hseth, who murdered her family and endangered her friends. But gods cannot be destroyed so easily, and Hseth’s power threatens to reform with even greater strength and a thirst for vengeance. As tensions rise throughout the land, the kingdom needs its Godkiller more than ever.

Still reeling from the loss of Kissen, young noble Inara and her little god of white lies, Skedi, have set out to discover more about the true nature of their bond. As the divide between gods and humans widens, Inara and Skedi will uncover secrets that could determine the fate of the war to come.

Meanwhile, Elogast, no longer a loyal knight of King Arren, has been tasked with killing the man he once called friend. The king vowed to eradicate all gods throughout the land, but has now entered into an unholy pact with the most dangerous of them all. And where his heart once beat, a god now burns. . .


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

We love the grumpy sunshines, chaotic gods, and more. Sunbringer brings us back to my favorite band. This is another multiple POV story and while I loved seeing all of their lives, their splintering as a group was difficult for me at points. There were pieces of the book where I was thinking of another character or visa versa. I think at the beginning of their splintering, I found the split of characters hard to wrap my head around and a bit heartbreaking – for obvious reasons.

But in general, I loved being back with the favorites especially as they reconcile with their mistakes. I think Inara and Kissen stole my heart. We see the ways Inara just wants to do something, to change something, to be more active like Kissen and Elogast. Even if Kissen is my favorite of the band because we love a grumpy knight. In Sunbringer it’s about trying to take down the past, the old ghosts and gods, the ones we want to amass more and more power.

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The differences between protection and arrogance. Love, worship, and obligation. How when we fracture, we hurt the ones we love even if we are trying desperately not to. Sunbringer reminds me of the universal theme of the gods – the scale of their loves versus the kingdoms of the gods. If you loved the first, you need to read this one. Find Sunbringer on Goodreads, Storygraph, Amazon,, Blackwells, & Libro. fm.


What is your favorite multiple POV sequel?

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