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Failsafe Fan Box

I can’t even believe I’m so late on posting this. But author, Anela Deen reached out to me to see if I would be interested in helping spread the world about the Failsafe Fan Box. In Failsafe there’s a character with epilepsy. So Deen wanted to create a curated box and the profits would go towards the Epilepsy Foundation. I love the mixing of charity, books, and bookish merchandise, so I was more than happy to participate!


While I may have missed a post in November for epilepsy national awareness month, you can still purchase one of this fan boxes. Once they are sold out, there won’t be any more. PURCHASE LINK

The Failsafe fan box includes:

– A signed copy of the book
– An exclusive book sleeve
– A 6×9 double-sided character art print
– “Open Sky” – an exclusive candle tailored to a scene in the book – by FlickTheWick
– Two magnetic bookmarks of Failsafe’s main characters by Dreamy&Co
– Custom-made “Alarm Red” druzy earrings

Here you can see some gorgeous items. My favorites are the candles, from Dreamy & Co, and bookmarks. Who doesn’t want some amazing bookmarks which can keep you company while you read. And I have been newly obsessed with book themed candles, so this one from Flick the Wick is perfect!

What I love about this fan box is that not only do you get a book that looks exactly up my alley, but you get some bookish merchandise which are great entrance points. If you’ve never gotten a book themed candle, this one is a perfect sample to use. They also make great instagram props as you can see.


And all the profits go towards a great charity. So it’s the perfect holiday box for any book lovers in your life, or budding bookstagrammer. Also 35 dollars is a steal considering a book might be up to 20 dollars and so for 15 dollars you get the other exclusives. Did I even mention the book sleeve? It fits your copy of Failsafe perfectly and it can easily carry any other book you wish!

There’s also character artwork, which I am just beginning to be obsessed with. It provides such a great way to showcase your book and I love rotating my prints so I can always see them. OR as bookstagram props. Seriously, this box was a bookstagrammer’s dream.

A message directly from the creator

When I published Failsafe back in May, I had in mind that I wanted to create a fan box for Epilepsy Awareness Month with the same caliber of merchandise as the subscription boxes out there. I did a ton of research to determine the items people love the most and how to offer them in an affordable way (especially since I don’t have the contracts with publisher houses typical of the box business).

Etsy to the rescue! Etsy is the absolute best place to find incredibly talented artisans who make custom products at a fair price. I had a blast shopping around. It was here I found Flick The Wick to make the exclusive candle for the box, Dreamy & Co who created the magnetic bookmarks of Failsafe’s two main characters, and Shimmer And Swoon who provided the sparkly red druzy earrings. The character print took a little more digging.

For this I went to Deviantart and found an amazing artist who took my descriptions and brought my characters to life. Honestly, I think he must have telepathic powers because he made them look just as I imagined, down to the dynamic between them. As for the book sleeve, this is a handmade item. All the premade ones I came across used a pattern that wasn’t a good match for this box. Also, I fell in love with a beautiful black fabric embroidered with glittery silver thread. I’d discovered it sitting at the top of an enormous bin like it was waiting for me. Meant to be, I tell you.

Swag used to be small, kind of unremarkable stuff like pencils or a notepad or maybe a paper bookmark with the title on it. In recent years (and I think Harry Potter sparked the trend) fandoms have taken swag to the next level with one-of-a-kind, exclusive items to lust over. I’m a huge bookworm myself and all the new goodies have drawn me further into worlds I adored reading about. To be able to create a box based on my own novel is one of those surreal moments that makes being an author so much fun.

It has all the benefits of one of those subscription boxes, except it’s a one time purchase where all the profits go towards charity!



Do you subscribe to book subscriptions? I love the idea of them, but I’m not sure if I’m the right person for them. Although I’ve reviewed a few of them in the past. Usually I read the books way before, so I’m not sure if they’re right for me.

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