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Crown of Feathers Book Tag

I am so excited to do this Crown of Feathers book tag created by Hollilibrary Books! Being a huge fan of this trilogy from Nicki Pau Preto, I could not be more excited for this book tag! This tag was created just in time to celebrate the upcoming release of Heart of Flames the sequel!

The Questions

The cover of Crown of Feathers is absolutely stunning. Pick a book whose cover you fell in love with at first sight.

I absolutely love the cover of Nocturna. Talk about something truly gorgeous. The end pages are also this cream and red color, plus the whole thing is that soft matte feeling.

In Crown of Feathers, Veronyka bonds with a phoenix named Xephyra. Pick an animal from a book that you would love to have by your side.

This is tough, but I’m reading Rebelwing now and I’m not going to lie, the idea of having a sentient cybernetic dragon would be amazing.

Veronyka and Val are sisters, but they have a rather tenuous relationship. Pick a book where the protagonist has a sibling(s)⁠—regardless of whether or not they get along!

I love the interplay between Brysen and Kylee in Black Wings Beating. Talk about that sibling who gets into trouble and puts their foot in their mouth. And the other one who’s used to cleaning up their messes.

To join the ranks of the Phoenix Riders, Veronyka has to disguise herself as a boy. Pick a book where a character disguises themselves.

Girls of Paper and Fire. No explanation.

Phoenixes play a large role in Crown of Feathers. Pick a book that features mythological creatures.

Wicked Fox and gumiho! Talk about some fantastic world building.

Tristan excels as a Phoenix Rider and warrior, despite his fear of fire. Pick a character you’d like by your side in a battle.

Maybe it’s just my re-read of The Reader, but Archer. He’s not only my precious soft boy, but also deadly.

Sev is a soldier, trying to escape the army. Pick a character who, no matter how tough they seem, is actually Soft™.

Secret softies? Dara from The Fever King.

In Crown of Feathers, each chapter begins with an epigraph, and you’ll also find letters and historical documents between chapters, too. Pick a book with expansive world-building and history.

I loved the unique world building in the Timekeeper trilogy! Ghosts, clocks, and time magic!

Val can be ruthless, and does some particularly cruel things (no spoilers!). Pick a character who’s a bad b*tch—for better or for worse.

I have so man favorites, because these are my all time fave characters. One of the ones that is less talked about is Poe Blythe in The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe.

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Buy Crown of Feathers: Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound & The Book Depository.

Pre-Order Heart of Flames: Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Book Depository, or Indiebound. There is also an exclusive edition available from OwlCrate (with sprayed edges!), but quantities are limited.


How would you answer the Tag above?

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