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Brooklyn Book Festival and Boston Teen Author Festival Recap

Okay, bear with me. I am the worst at even recaps. But I just wanted to drop a few lines about events I went to in September which made me happy. I was able to go to the Brooklyn Book Festival which was awesome (in every sense of the word). Currently, I work in Brooklyn at the moment, so it was pretty close to that – but also so far from where I live. I had some subway problems and other problems (which I’ll get into).

Brooklyn Book Festival

When I finally made it, I was just awe struck but how gigantic the event was. It was huge! There were over three blocks of tightly packed tents and it was like looking out on an ocean of white. My company was there at one tent. I dropped by for a moment, but what I went for was the panels. I attended one on YA Dark Magic – that was PHENOMENAL. It had Toni Onyebuchi, Rin Chupeco, and Rhoda Belleza (oh and Holly Black!). It was not only insightful about the darkness in magic, but also funny! I also went to a power and politics in SF/F which was also great with Malka Ann Older and N.K. Jeminisn. There was so much going on there with technology and all sorts of politics! Additionally I met the lovely Mitali Perkins who was moderating a panel of fantastic authors too!

Not to mention, before these panels on the 17th, I saw a Latinx in Publishing panel with Veronica Chambers, Adam Silvera (!!) and Daniel Jose Older – which was beyond hilarious! So here the panels were by far my favorite of the events. BUT why I am so bad, I took 0 photos. I am such a bad blogger, BUT I promise I’ll be better.

(Also I ate the spiciest food of my life and put too  much on and them my lips were swollen for two days after. So I kind of fail at life too).

Celeste Ng

I was also able to go to an event with Mira Jacobs and Celeste Ng (whom you all must know I adore). I got a copy of Little Fires Everywhere signed to me and it was glorious.

Boston Teen Author

This was a HUGE event of fun proportions. I was able to see so many panels, 3, that were all also hilarious. Authors are pretty freaking funny. And I was able to get all my favorite books signed – The Reader, Rebel Seoul, Want, and Starfish! I forgot my copy of Timekeeper (another fail). AGAIN 0 photos. Someone please save me from myself.

There’s my haul! But I was just massively exhausted here so I didn’t get anymore, but I wish I had gone to Mackenzi Lee, because she’s a badass Mary Shelley obsessed person like me. But I was so intimidated by her beauty, so…

Speaking of intimidating, I was also intimidated by Julie C Dao! So I saw her, looked at her, and never said hi. I just had so much anxiety I couldn’t do it! I’m so sad, but it’s life I guess. Anyway, she was super sweet to me when I tweeted about it. So that’s a great plus!

ALSO I met Traci Chee and she gave me a print because I knew the name of Sefia’s mom’s name! Which is impressive since I am a slug with names. An actual slug.

Future Events

I am going to be supporting Katherine Locke at Books of Wonder next week for Girl with the Red Balloon. AND I am going to the Boston Book Festival to see Mackenzi Lee, Julie C Dao, Malinda Lo, and Celeste Ng (again).


Will you be anywhere there? or even in NYC?

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