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Blog Birthday Wrap Up (Giveaways and Best/Worst Places to Party)

This blog birthday party has been unreal. I have loved seeing all the posts, the responses, and the love from everyone. I want to thank each and every one of you. At the bottom will be a summary of the two giveaways from Louise and Alba and the final giveaway from me! But first, let’s share a few more answers from everyone about the Best and Worst Places to Party

The Best

From Me: This is so tough! When I was reading Six of Crows I was really fascinated by the party at the Ice Court. I don’t think that was perhaps the intention, but it’s the most recent party I could vividly picture in my head.

From Alicia, A Kernel of Nonsense: Cast Iron nightclub in Iron Cast by Destiny Soria – Spellbinding music, dazzling displays of magic, and an atmosphere begging you to dance, this nightclub is the perfect place to party (minus any police raids).

From Reader and Proud: No, not the Capitol (of the Hunger Games). I imagine they know how to throw a good party but those are not people you want to surround yourself with. I’ve thought more about this one than the “worst place” for a party because all the places we know from books end up having something awful happen to them and I don’t recall any distinct contemporary setting so I’m going to pick up the mansion from The Selection. Even though it’s a dystopian series, not a lot of bad things have happened during the series, and those people also know how to throw parties, so we’d all be safe there. Plus, they’re rich so there are a lot of possibilities for different parties. Just remember how awesome the parties were in The Elite. Now that party I’d like to attend 😉

From Laura, Green Tea & Paperbacks: Hogwarts. They have the best food, the best people, the best decorations, and I’ve always wanted to visit Hogwarts.

From Louise, Foxes and Fairytales: Red London during the Element Games because there’s something for everyone: from fancy dress-up balls to magical cage fights.

The Worst

From Me: Well the Hunger Games would definitely be rough. But I also would not want to be stuck stranded in the middle of an ice chunk at the beginning of Frankenstein.

From Alicia, A Kernel of Nonsese: The Arena in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – Besides having to fight the other guests in a battle to the death afterward, there are other unpleasant things you’d have to worry about as well, like tracker jackers, poison berries, and wolf/human mutations.

From Reader and Proud: Definitely any Arena in The Hunger Games history. People are fightning for their lives, I doubt they’re in the mood for partying. The audience (mainly the Capitol) might want it and have fun with it, as it would be another distraction and an opportunity to bring the tributes together, but I’m not sure it would be a party I’d like to go. It would be more of a blood bath than a party, so I would pass on that one.

From Laura, Green Tea & Paperbacks: Mordor (from Lord of the rings) I wouldn’t feel very comfortable with all of those orcs around, plus I don’t think the atmosphere there would be very festive, to say the least.

From Louise, Foxes and Fairytales: Hogwarts library because if Madame Pince doesn’t kill you Hermione will.

The Giveaways

Diverse Book up to $15 – Foxes and Fairytales

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I hope you all have had a wonderful time reading.

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