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2016 Character Awards (From Paperfury)

It’s my birthday today!! 😀

Let me start by saying these categories are from Paperfury who created this tag and I am finally getting around to doing it! It takes a lot of time to think of your favorite characters! So let’s begin!

Most Relatable Character

This is so hard for me! It took me the most time out of all the questions. I would have to say that, ideally, I can relate to the protagonist from The Wangs V. The World. This is so hard because a lot of the struggles the characters go through are on a scale I can only imagine! BUT let’s not dwell and move on!

Most Pure and Precious Animal Companion

Hands down Odo from The High Mountains of Portugal. I want to live with Odo, once I got over the fear that he could really kill me quite easily. But the purest of animal companions needs to retain their animal status, do they not?

Fiercest Fighter

Tarma and Kethry from Oathbound. Both of these beautiful women are very fierce warriors. That quality is something that is highlighted again and again. So I couldn’t pick one! Plus they make a dynamic duo.

Most Amazing Sidekick

Tarma’s wolf companion from Oathbound. A wolf that can spy, talk in your head, and fight? Um, yes please.

One You’re Surprised You Loved

The Mortifications. I was not really expecting a lot, but this book and the characters really surprised me! Especially the female characters.

Best Sassmaster

The Liar. That man was made out of pure sass.

Best Anti-Hero and Morally Grey Grape

This is pretty difficult because my books do not really easily villainize characters. But if I had to pick a best morally grey grape, I guess it would be Claudia from Clementine and Claudia. The two sisters respond to the war in different ways and the way Claudia copes is just unbelievable. I mean, on one hand I could see why and how desperate she was. But on the other hand, that ending was pure drama.

Best Worst Villain to Hate

I didn’t read many fantasy or YA books, so I feel like there were less ‘villians’ then there could have been. I guess the priest from The Bear and the Nightingale was pretty easy to dislike. He was motivated by a lust for power and traded, basically everything he had, to get it. At the same time his strange fascinations gave him an extra creepy edge.

Truly Astounding Worst YA Parents

Okay, so I read one YA book last year, so I am going to widen this up to worst parent award. This goes to the mom from The River at Night. Shame on you woman (although the first thing you did I almost support, the others? not so much).

Truly Astounding Best YA Parents

Again, the YA problem. I promise this year I will read more than one! I know this could be a contentious answer being as some very sad and questionable things happen, but I go with the parents in The Valley of Amazement. Because even though they screw up, and pretty largely some times, they love their children and are trying to fix things. Our parents are not perfect and they will make mistakes, hurt us when they want to protect us. But these women sacrifice so much to try to fix what they have done wrong. So props to people willing to change.

Toot Toot Best Ship of Them All

This is most definitely Soli and Checo from Lucky Boy. Their brief, but intensely real love is something I am still rooting for (even though my dreams may be a bit idealistic).

The Most in Need of Protection

Now this goes to Soli, again, from Lucky Boy. She goes through hell and then some. Always suffering and at unwinnable odds with the system. I just wanted to take her into my house, give her some cocoa, and help her.

Most Boring as a Barnacle

The characters from The Babylon Line. I don’t even remember their names anymore.

Best Little Royal

I didn’t read any books with royalty! So I deviated and went to the television world where I finished Marco Polo. That boy child emperor of China is so sweet. And his ending (if you have watched it you know what I mean) was heart breaking.

Very Surprised You’re Still Alive

With all my revolution/rebellion books I am surprised when characters stay alive. This include Human Acts. I could never tell really what was going to happen.

Best at Horrible Decision Making

Mitz from The Other Einstein. It almost hurt me to see her decisions that I knew would go wrong. But she was blinded by love and thinking things would change. She was also trapped in a way. Her sacrifices, I guess, reminded me too much of the sacrifices I once made.

Cutest Dork

The ‘dork’ from The Sunlight Pilgrims. She is so intelligent and bright and her journey is really touching.

Cleverest Little Hellion

The protagonist from The Light of the Fireflies. I wouldn’t say that he always knew what was going on, or the truth behind his life, but he was trying. He should be rewarded for that. He was also just a child!

Most in Need of a Nap

Harold Fry from The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. This has nothing to do with his story line, but that he walks so far! I would need a long long nap after that. If you have read it, you’ll know that by the end I was rooting for him to take a nap too! The poor man.

And finally! Want to Read More About You

The Palest Ink. I want to read the next sequel and the next. I have already made plans to buy it.

So that’s it! I finally did this tag and I am so happy I managed!

What are your answers to these questions? Did you also do this tag? Comment Below!

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